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Simone Janssen Reviews (Bulletproof Business Growth)


Simone Janssen disagrees that the first $1 million in business is the hardest. Rather, it’s the jump from $1 million to $10 million a year. Why? Because to get to that level, you’re gonna need a team. You can’t do it alone. And putting together a team that’s worth a damn is freaking hard. So that’s where Simone comes in. She’ll help you prepare yourself to build and optimize the perfect team to grow your biz to $10 milli or more per year. Read on for my review.

Not only that, but Simone’ll show you exactly how to lead and manage ’em to get rockstar performance month after month. And you won’t have to work any harder than you are now. She pinky promises. What else? She’ll identify who you need on your team and who you don’t. And she’ll hand you a step by step blueprint for putting together a team of absolute gangsters who can run the day-to-day of your company even better than you. She’ll even show you how to nail down your business processes so that everything runs silky smooth.

“I’m talking about a team you can trust,” Simone says. “But even more importantly, I’m talking about a team who can think. A team where you set a goal, even a big one, and your team figures out exactly how to get there and executes every step perfectly. No drama. No nonsense. Just results, results, results. So how can I make such a strong, results-driven offer like this? Because I have the best track record in the world when it comes to helping small business owners assemble their dream teams and lead them to victory.”

“I’ve been doing this for over 15 years,” she continues. “And I’ve helped over 225 small business owners just like you put together teams that scale the business fast. And, my clients have collectively added over $1 billion to their bottom lines. And the key to all of that is your team. There’s a huge difference between a team that can run your business at the level that it’s at today, and the kind of superstar team who can get you to $10 million or more tomorrow. I wanna help you optimize who you have now so they can deliver for you and help you add any missing team members you need to create sustainable growth.”

Bullet Proof Your Biz

This is for you if you’re the business owner or a serious entrepreneur wanting to grow without the growing pains. Goes without saying but your product or service should be rock solid. Ideally, you already have some employees or independent contractors, but you’ll soon need more. However, if you’re still in the dream stage, if you’re still pre-revenue and/or pre-funding, please don’t apply. Assuming you’re an ideal candidate, Simone really believes she can shave years off your journey to eight-figures.

Her secret sauce is something she calls the Greatness Challenge. Right now, there are people on your team who’re capable of true greatness. They can be the smart, strategic leaders your biz is begging for. But they’re not showing up that way, are they? You need to empower those people. At the same time, there are probably a few you could never see rising to the occasion. How do you weed them out? You run Simone’s Greatness Challenge and let the chips fall where they may. This means asking each team member to pour their heart, their mind, their soul into each task you give them.

And then you sit back and watch. The A-players will reveal themselves, as will the C- and D-level players. Make your management decisions accordingly. This’ll turn your team into an engine of excellence. Each member will feel like their IQ just jumped by 30 points, like they’re strong and capable and cared for. Everyone’s engaged, everyone’s holding themselves to the highest standard. New hires will see this and fall in line. Simone’s a savage but I’m happy being a one-woman show for now.

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