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Overachiever Media Review (Abraham Kallon)

Abraham Kallon

Abraham Kallon is the founder of Overachiever Media. He claims he can help you grow and scale your business with predictability. All you gotta do is add a single ingredient to your marketing strategy. And voila, it’s proven to generate a 3,500% ROI consistently. And that’s just an average result. Skeptical? Me too, but let’s hear him out, shall we? “This is no hype,” Michael says. “It’s no over-exaggeration. Anyone can apply this to start generating instant results.”

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“We call it the Magic Fortune Box,” Abe continues. “And with this strategy, you never have to worry about losing money on ads. Think about putting $1 in, getting $36 back. That’s basically how it works. And it works every single time. So it’s the great equalizer. It’s how the little guy can compete with the big boys who have endless marketing dollars. But this is only for people who are already running ads to a proven offer, right? You’ve already got something going. Product or service, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s proven.”

If that’s you, whether you’re running your ads in-house or outsourcing it to an agency, Abe wants to know if you’d like to go ‘head and collect the five or six figures that’s hidden in your business right now. It starts with understanding the three types of traffic. There’s traffic you rent (aka paid traffic). Facebook and Google ads, for example. There’s traffic you influence. Your Instagram following, for example. Then there’s traffic you own, traffic you have full control over. Your email list, for example.

The goal, obviously, is to convert rented and influenced traffic into traffic you own. Once you’ve got that going, once your ads are running and your organic game is solid and people are joining you list every day, now you gotta focus on conversions, right? You need to get as many of them as possible to take the action you desire, be it booking a call with your team or ordering from your store or buying your course, or whatever it may be. Sounds simple enough, so why do so many people struggle with this?


Few reasons, Abe says. First is instant gratification. Expecting immediate front-end profits. Rather, you should be patient and put more emphasis on back-end. Second is the 3% Rule, which says only about 3% of the market is primed and ready to buy. Problem is, you and everyone else is fighting for that same 3%. So he or she with the deepest pockets, wins. Create your own blue ocean opportunity instead. Third, your messaging sucks. Too vague, too generic. Fourth, no plan. You don’t know your numbers. Can’t let that happen.

That all makes sense, but what’s the punchline here? What’s Abe’s so-called Magic Fortune Box that multiplies every dollar 35+ times? Well it’s something you already know about, but you’re not using it the right way. Email marketing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The whole year. A lot of people think email marketing’s dead (myself included), but Abe begs to differ. According to Statista, he says, the number of email users worldwide is 4.3 billion. Never been higher. And Constant Contact is where he got that 3,500% return number from. They claim, for every dollar invested in email marketing, it spits back an average of $36.

If your emails are relevant and helpful, they’ll get opened. And since your strongest competitors are firing off emails left and right, you’re gonna get left behind if you don’t join them, says Abe. He’s worked with Robert Kiyosaki, ex-NFL player John Madsen, Scott Haug, and other top info marketers, to turn simple emails into big bucks on repeat. Want him to work some of that email marketing mojo for your business? If so, book a call at Overachiever Media. No mention of cost, but Abe clearly knows his stuff.

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