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Karla Marie Amazon Digital: Marketing Matters

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Karla Marie says Amazon Digital (aka Kindle publishing) is a great way to make at least five K per month from home. Inside her Fiction Profits Academy course, she teaches you, A to Z, how to do just that. And that’s whether you wanna write these fiction eBooks yourself or hire them out using ghostwriters. What makes Karla and her FPA students successful, Karla says, is they embrace being marketers and not just authors. Read on, I’ll explain.

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See, a lot of writers are like, “I just wanna write. My books’ll magically sell themselves. I don’t wanna do any of that obnoxious marketing stuff.” But once you embrace it, once you accept the fact that it’s not always the best books that become bestsellers, but rather, the ones that are marketed the best? It opens up a whole new world for you. You realize, “Okay, running a simple Facebook ad is not that hard and it can be done tastefully, and wow, I’m making way more money from this eBook!”

“The landscape for Kindle publishing has changed so much,” Karla explains. “Back in the day? Sure, you could publish a new book, just get it up there, get organic traffic from Amazon, and start making sales. But that quickly changed as soon as there was more competition. Which, let’s be clear, competition’s a good thing because it’s a sign there are more readers coming in, so more customers. And also, it makes all of us show up as the best versions of who we are. We’re bringing the best quality writing, best quality covers, et cetera.”

“Think about it like this,” Karla continues. “If you believe in the books you’re creating, but you’re scared to do marketing because you think it’s slimy and icky, you’re actually doing your readers a disservice by not getting these books in front of ’em. You can bring so much more joy to these people, you can enhance their lives. But if you don’t market it and you don’t get it visible in front of other people, again, you’re doing a disservice to those people who could benefit from what you have to offer.”

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So what are the keys to marketing your Amazon digital books? It’s all about relationships, Karla says. You wanna build an audience and engage with them and get their feedback. What did they like about your last book? What did they not like? Which characters were they feeling? What do they want more of? Be honest and vulnerable and transparent and stop trying to sell them, and start trying to serve them. If you look at everyone as a dollar sign, yeah, marketing’s gross. But if you’re coming from the right place, it won’t even seem like marketing.

It goes without saying, but don’t look for hacks and loopholes and ways to trick Amazon’s algorithm. Fiction Profits Academy isn’t about making a quick buck, it’s about helping you build a long-term, sustainable self-publishing business. So focus on a great product, first and foremost, or else the best marketing in the world’ll only take you so far. Then, when you do run Amazon ads or Facebook ads or whatever, don’t be lazy. Don’t just slop down a synopsis of your book and hit Go and expect sales to roll in.

From creative to headline to body copy, you need to take some time and really think it through and help people experience the emotion your eBook will elicit, right? Most Kindle publishers who try ads don’t do this, which is why they never see a profit. But when you go the extra mile? That’s how you turn a dollar into three with paid ads. And when you can do that? Now you have a money machine and you can turn the dial up at any time. PS, if you’re a strong writer, click below.

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