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Is Bashar J Katou Legit?

Bashaar J Katou Lessons

Bashar J Katou sells a course called BJK University, which shows you how to create a life of freedom by selling physical products through Amazon FBA. What makes him qualified to teach though, right? Apparently, he went from a hundred and fifty grand in debt, depressed, drinking heavily (and even went to jail for a DUI), to now making more than a million dollars a month online. Skeptical? Me too, but read on. There’s more to his story.

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At his lowest point, this was back in 2013, Bashar was washing dishes and driving for Uber just to make ends meet. At night, he would scour the internet for ways to make extra money. He launched seven different businesses and all of them failed. The eighth time was a charm. That’s when he started selling on Amazon. After a few years, he had built it up to where he was profiting ten K a month. But then he slipped back into his old ways, got lazy, would go to the beach every day with his friends and get drunk.

And what do ya know, that business crumbled beneath him. Which taught Bashar an important lesson: if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Even when you start making money, you can’t get complacent, you have to stay hungry. Once your family’s more than taken care of, great, who else can you help? Keep pushing yourself to hit that next level, don’t relax and go, “Okay, I’ve got enough, I can just chill now.” That’s dangerous because it might be your undoing, and it’s also selfish because there are so many others in need.

Plus, it plays into the old cliche that the more you give, the more you get. “So something I realized is that the more I kept on just keeping it to myself, again, I wasn’t motivated to get more,” Bashar explains. “Right, because, I just had more than I needed. And so, there wasn’t a motive to go and get more because again, if I live below my means, and I’m making two to three times what I really need to live off of, why should I keep going out there and making more? That’s why I created BJK University, to stop making it all about me, me, me, and start helping others.”

BJK Business

Another thing Bashar’s learned throughout his journey from dirt-poor to FBA multi-millionaire is to always go against the status quo. “What I mean by that is, regardless of where you are in life, age, culture, ethnicity, background, country, niche, business, your studies, your work, doesn’t matter. Whatever it is that you’re doing. There’s always set expectations and there’s always like, ‘Well this is how it’s always been and we expect you to operate within these parameters.’ I say screw that. Always go against what everybody else expects.”

The hell with what’s expected, with what’s realistic. Always try to break records. Think outside the box, innovate, get uncomfortable, pursue the impossible, Bashar rants. Don’t settle for good, ask, “Well how can I make it excellent?” Who’s the best player in your industry? Don’t compete with them, demolish them. How can you create a body of work that’s so incredible, that theirs will pale in comparison? BJK loves him some Elon Musk and uses him as the perfect example of someone who’s done this in spades.

Anyways, as far as I can tell, yes, Bashar is legit. But I do think the lion’s share of that million a month he claims he’s making is coming from BJK University sales, not from actually doing Amazon FBA. Not that he doesn’t make some money doing it still, but I guess I wouldn’t really know since he never goes over any examples or case studies in his marketing. It’s just a lot of “Jeff Bezos did this” and “Elon did that” and you gotta “dream big” and “take massive action” and other platitudes you can’t really do anything with.

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