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Chris Keyz Reviews (My 6 Figure Brand)

Chris Keyz Digital Marketer

Chris Keyz claims he can help you build a six- or seven-figure ecom brand. But you can’t come into it thinking it’s gonna happen overnight. You need to have a long-term outlook. That means building an actual brand. Which is about the only way to set yourself apart from the competition. “For example,” Chris says, “I have this client. She sells products in the health and beauty space. She took 4-5 months off just ’cause life got in the way.”

“And when she came back,” he continues, “she picked up right where she left off. Why? Because she built a brand. People felt like they can’t get that product from nobody else. It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of other people selling that same type of product, that gives the same type of results. But. People fell in love with her brand. They fell in love with her product. Right? So even when she took those four months off, and put on her site that everything’s completely sold out?”

“Four or five months later, when she came back, she sent out one little email blast, letting people know the store’s up and running again, the products have been replenished, and she did $7k in sales in no time. Right? So how do you establish a strong brand presence online? Number one is, you wanna find an evergreen product. Like, it’s cool catching a quick little trend product and making some money from it, but if you trying to build a long-term product? You need something that’s evergreen.”

What Chris means is, a product that’s in demand year round, year after year. Skincare, supplements, clothing, food, pet products, fitness equipment, etc. And ideally, it’s a product that needs to be replenished. Like, it’s not just a one-and-done purchase. From there, you’ve got your logo, your tagline, your packaging, your messaging, the tone in which you communicate with people, how you communicate with them, and where, and what you share, and so on and so forth, right? It all adds up to create your overall ecom brand.


And that’ll determine whether or not people start following you on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok. Whether or not they click-through and join your email list. Whether or not they’re gonna open and read your emails. If they’re gonna join your free challenge and participate. And yes, whether or not they’ll make a purchase from your store. Then leave you a positive review. Tell their friends about your products. Make a repeat purchase. Try the next product you come out with. A strong brand creates a ripple effect that helps you grow.

But back to Chris’ client. She’s out there hustling, man. She’s going Live, sharing her story, educating her audience about her products. Showing them all the TLC that goes into creating and packaging and fulfilling orders. Answering their questions. Addressing their concerns. Offering incentives like coupon codes for anyone who refers another person to her store. It ain’t rocket science. It’s about having that long-term vision, building a relationship with your audience, letting them be a part of the journey. Right?

Chris Keyz can help you with that. He’s got a free private Facebook Group you can join. It’s called 6-Figure Ecom Brand Cash Flow. He’s got a free four-hour My 6-Figure Brand Masterclass coming out. From there, he’s got paid courses, 1-on-1 coaching, even an Ecommerce With Keyz automation solution. My only concern is that he seems a bit scattered. Like on his YouTube, one minute he’s talking Shopify, the next he’s trading Bitcoin, then it’s AI. Why not master one thing?

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