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Amazon Kick-Start Summit Review (Sophie Howard)

Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy

Sophie Howard has amazing news. She came up with a totally new and different way to make money on Amazon. You don’t need to sell physical products like most people do. Not that that doesn’t work. It’s a great strategy that Sophie has made a small fortune on over the last few years. And she still sells physical products to this day. But this method is not that. It could be just what you need to add an extra income stream to whatever you currently got going.

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With this new and interesting Amazon strategy, you won’t need much money to get started. It doesn’t take tech skills. You won’t need to source products from all over the world. It doesn’t take much time either. Sophie claims you could see your first profit in as little as four hours of work. That profit is recurring too. Why this works so well is because it’s not well known. So there’s very little competition at the moment. The upside here is sky high.

Sophie Howard’s brand new Amazon Kick-Start Summit will fill in the gaps and show you live examples. You’ll discover her unique way of making money on Amazon faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. “In a recent survey of people selling on Amazon, it was found out of every six people, three make five thousand dollars a month in sales, one makes twenty-five thousand a month, and one in twenty even go on to make a million dollars in sales,” Sophie says.

They can do this in their spare time, in just a few hours a week, using only their laptop and phone. So if you’re looking to start a new side hustle, this approach is the number one choice right now. Sophie has launched more than a thousand products on Amazon; one of those Amazon businesses she sold for over a million dollars. Now that she’s achieved time, location, and financial freedom, she wants to help you to follow in her footsteps.


Her Amazon Kick-Start webinar will teach you how to start selling physical products on Amazon without ever storing a product or even going to the post office. The exact process one of her students, Scott, used to do eighty-six thousand in sales in just four short months. Then there was Kirsten, who was able to quit her job in the hospitality space because she now makes money in her sleep thanks to Amazon. Sophie’s case studies go on and on.

Sophie can’t guarantee you’ll get similar results. It’ll depend on your focus and work ethic. But she hopes you’ll agree having the right systems and knowledge can’t hurt. Her Amazon Kick-Start Summit will show you how to uncover blue sky Amazon products: hot sellers with high profit margins and low competition. She’ll show you how to find trusted suppliers from around the world, source products cheaply via email, automate almost everything, and start making money. Hmm. Her ad said this had nothing to do with physical products.

“Thanks to Amazon, I have the kind of lifestyle that most people can only dream about,” Sophie says. “My family and I moved from a crowded city to a beautiful alpine village in the South Island of New Zealand. There’s fresh air, natural beauty. No bosses, on commuting, and I work (if you can call it that) for just a few hours a day. I decide how my time will be spent.” After attending Sophie’s Amazon Kick-Start Summit masterclass, you’ll be pitched her Blue Sky Amazon course. Pricing ranges from six K to ten K.

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