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Dropship Breakthru Review (High Ticket Drop Shipping)

Jon Warren Dropshipping

Jon Warren started doing high ticket dropshipping seven years ago and never looked back. He’s gone on to do tens of millions in sales. In 2019, he launched an online education company called Build Sell Grow Repeat (BSGR), which later rebranded to Dropship Breakthru. In 2021, Ben Knegendorf, a former forklift driver turned serial entrepreneur, joined Jon as co-owner. So what are they gonna teach you, what’s it cost, and should you even consider it? Let’s find out.

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Other than Anton Kraly from Drop Ship Lifestyle, hardly anyone else is talking about this way of dropshipping. All the cool kids these days are telling you to find something cheap and trendy on Alibaba and use TikTok ads to promote it, right? And maybe, if you’re an absolute ninja, you’ll net like $3 a sale. And then crank up your ads, crush it for a week, if you’re lucky, before your acquisition cost inches up and you’re no longer profitable. Turn off the ads, scrap the product, and go find the next one, right?

I tend to agree with Jon and Ben (and Anton): that sounds about as fun as an awkward conversation with a bathroom attendant you never expected to see when you stumbled into the ladies’ room after that third Moscow mule. Whereas, with what they’re teaching, you’re promoting higher quality products at much higher price points (not to mention much faster shipping times because you’re using U.S.-based suppliers), and topping it off with smarter traffic generation strategies, to create a more sustainable business.

For example, you’ve heard of Wayfair, haven’t you? Yeah well, they started out doing high ticket dropshipping. By the way, Jon considers anything over $1,000 to be high ticket. And you’d be surprised what some of these products are. He sold a hardtop gazebo, of all things, and did more than $1 million dollars in sales in a single month. Once you find a suitable product that meets both the minimum price and some other special criteria Jon and Ben reveal in their program, now you gotta find a local supplier.


“Once we identify the suppliers,” Jon explains, “we give them a call and have a very specific conversation with them where we’re seeking to get their approval to retail their product through our website. Once we’ve got that approval, then we take that product and we put it on a website that we built. And I’ll show you how to do that as well—build the right sort of website, step-by-step, inside our course. We use Shopify, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. It’s a great option, fantastic for people who’re just getting started from scratch.”

Now comes the fun part: marketing that website to potential customers. Ben and Jon’s go-to traffic sources are Google ads, Google Shopping, search engine optimization, email marketing, and maybe some retargeting ads. All tried and true. They’ve been milking these very sources for millions of dollars for years now. So have now more than 400 of their students. Anyways, when someone buys one of the high priced products from your Shopify store, the money goes straight to you, which is just peachy.

You then go over to your supplier’s website and order that product from their warehouse, obviously paying much less for it than what your customer just did. They’ll send it directly to the customer, so you never have to see or touch anything you sell. That’s the mile-high overview of what you’ll learn inside Dropship Breakthru. Cost is $1,997 plus $97 a month (starting in 30 days). If I was gonna do dropshipping, this is the model I’d use and these are the guys I’d wanna be mentored by. Anton’s program is more popular, but he says bud-in instead of button (among other things that annoy me).

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