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Sell What You Know Review

SWYK Coach

Alex Smale, in a YouTube ad for Sell What You Know Mentor and Success program, asks: “What is a person’s knowledge and experience actually worth? Twenty K per year? Fifty K per year? What if I told you there are people making one hundred K, two hundred K, and even five hundred K or more per month just by selling what they already know?” Scroll down to continue reading this Sell What You Know review.

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As the ad rolls on, Alex says, a few years ago, he was just your average guy working an average job. He thought his only way out of the rat race was to buy a winning lottery ticket. Until, one day, he looked in the mirror and basically told himself to man up. That’s when he started a business selling what he already knew. He never mentions what that was, but said he’s had a huge, positive impact on his clients. Same goes for his clients’ clients.

At the end, Alex tells you to click the little blue button and enter your email for a free “book” (PDF document) that will explain all of this in detail. It tells you why other popular internet businesses like affiliate marketing, Amazon, dropshipping, or even freelancing, pale in comparison to what they teach. Which is to start your own coaching business.

If interested, you’re asked to book a 45 minute strategy session to see if you’d be a good fit for their 12 week Sell What You Know coaching program. No mention of what it costs, but since they require a phone call, you’re probably looking at $5k or more. Sell What You Know is made up of five main pillars: (1) Offers and audiences; (2) Building rapport; (3) Marketing know-how; (4) Sales machine; and (5) Fulfillment and client success. You’ll learn the basics by following a video course, then use their private Facebook group and live weekly calls to get support.


What I like about Sell What You Know is that their messaging was very straightforward. It wasn’t your typical guru funnel full of tricks and lies. I also agree with much of what they said about the downsides of those other online businesses. And yes, coaching has a ton of advantages. The biggest being margins. You can charge thousands of dollars, depending on your area of expertise, and other than some software, tools, and ad spend, you get to pocket the rest. This gives you plenty of room for error. Not only that, but just a few sales a month and you’re doing pretty good.

That said, for the average person to become a successful internet coach, a lot needs to go right. There are so many moving pieces. Copywriting. Ads. Design. Tech. Teaching. Sales. Billing. Systems. Support. Gathering up social proof. Reputation management. Dealing with competitors and trolls. Tons of high-level stuff you have to pull off. The Sell What You Know training exists for that very reason. You need someone who’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Alex appears to be that guy.

Do you feel qualified to charge people thousands of dollars to transform a specific area of their life? Do you enjoy teaching and supporting others? Are you coachable, focused, and willing to execute what you learn? If so, Sell What You Know may be worth looking into. Or maybe you want to dive a bit deeper into what we do. It’s low competition. Feels amazing because you get to help local business owners get more customers. It’s still hard work, but once it’s setup, the income is recurring every thirty days. Learn more below.

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