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Nick Kozmin Review (Growth Consultant)


Nick Kozmin started a growth consulting business called Salesprocess.io. Eighteen million in sales later, he believes he’s qualified to speak on that very subject. Nick recommends getting to five million dollars, after tax, as fast as possible, to achieve “escape velocity.” From there, you can invest that five mill, live off the compounding interest, and say peace out to the rat race. But what’s the most efficient way to get there, right? This is where his Growth Consultant program comes in. Read on for my review.

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Unless you’re a pro athlete, entertainer, investment banker, high-powered attorney, or world-class doctor, chances are, you won’t achieve escape velocity through a job. Entrepreneurship is gonna be the answer for most. It certainly was for Nick. And to be a good entrepreneur, you need to understand the customer at a deep level, as well as the technology that’s used to increase the efficiency of a job that that customer’s trying to do. And then how to take that and distribute it at scale.

It’s basically creating one case study. And then creating that case study again and again. Most people don’t do that, though. They’re what Nick calls aimless entrepreneurs. Wanting to start some sort of freedom business, but haven’t a clue how to go about it. That’s silly. What you wanna do instead is be a specific type of entrepreneur with a specific offer that’s likely to succeed. You wanna reduce the unknowns so all that’s left is effort. And as long as you supply that? You’ll grow your capital.

Nick believes becoming a growth consultant, like him, is probably your best bet. The core concept is as follows. One, ads are infinitely more scalable than prospecting. Two, video sales letters are more scalable than traditional sales. Three, businesses know this and want someone like you to do it for them; and they’ll pay big bucks plus a percentage of revenue if you’re really good at it. And four, Salesprocess.io is the company that can make you really good at it.


“So there is a demand for people who can build these digital sales engines that actually work,” Nick says. “And we are the only ones creating these people, okay? Everyone’s teaching this and that and this and that. We meshed it all together to focus on profitability for the client, and that includes product and pricing and a lot of other things. So growth consultants can create a ton of growth by doing this stuff properly. I used this vehicle to achieve escape velocity and I’m certain that others can too.”

Growth consultants are a different breed. They do excellent work. They study. They’re organized. Super disciplined. Actually give a damn about getting their clients results. They are friendly and polite and take care of themselves and dress well. They’re fair, they keep their word, and provide value when they don’t have to. They don’t complain or hate on others. They freely share what’s working with other growth consultants. They make millions. You can find them on jets, in Lambos and penthouses, and at the hottest parties.

Sound like you or the person you aspire to be? Want Nick’s help in learning the skills to become a growth consultant? So you can get your first client within the first month? And go on to generate wealth quickly? If so, he’s got two solutions. The first is called GC and it’s designed to get you to seven figures. The second is called Mastermind and it’s all about scaling to eight figures. Book a call to find out what each one costs, but you know they’re not cheap. Financing available.

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