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Should You Partner With Kris Krohn In Real Estate?

Kris Jet

It’s just never enough for these gurus. Books, low-ticket products, high-ticket coaching, seminars, masterminds, and now they all want your money so they can follow in Grant Cardone’s footsteps and become real estate moguls the fast and easy way. And even though I can’t stand watching these idiots monetize their followers six ways from Sunday, I still try to keep an open mind. So let’s review the latest bandwagon-y partner-with-your-favorite-guru-on-real-estate offer, shall we?

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Over the course of 20 years, real estate’s got the potential to outperform stocks, IRAs, and 401(k)s by 27x, Kris claims. Einstein said it best: mankind’s greatest invention is compound interest. Imagine starting with $50,000 and getting 25% on your money, year over year, for the next 20 years. That $50k turns into a whopping $4.3 million dollars. Okayyy, but what happens when you average -3.7% for the next two years thanks to this resesh, brah? Because is that not what’s about to happen?

I also love how he keeps reminding us he “retired” at 26 due to his real estate investments, yet this dude puts out so much content and makes so many offers, I bet he works more than you and I combined. Sure, maybe he doesn’t have to, you might argue, but the man’s biggest IG flex is an old BMW i8 and a $70,000 C8 Corvette. My neighbor’s a nurse and drives a $125,000 Tesla, and she’s not on the internet teaching people how to get wealthy, ya know? I bet Kris Krohn’s net worth is a lot lower than you think.

Who knows, I could be wrong. Maybe his fleet’s just not impressive because he puts every penny he can back into real estate. It’s hard to know what to think. Because the next thing he says in his pitch video is that, “You may not know this but I’ve done $1 billon dollars worth of single family homes over the last 15 years. And my average—on my expectations—I have to earn an average of 25% annual ROI. But frankly, over the years I’ve gotten better, sometimes 28-, sometimes over 30% every year on my money.”

Kris Krohn Cars

“It basically means,” Kris continues, “your money’s doubling every 2–3 years. And you know what? You can’t say that about a typical retirement plan. You might be wondering how you can get a piece of all the action [nope, but I’m sure you’re gonna tell me]. Well, now I’ve got a team of experts that only buy real estate in the very best markets so I can consistently get that 25-, 28-, 30% annual ROI. But it’s created a problem for me. I don’t have enough partners to take advantage of all these deals my team’s finding me.”

Kris has a good 10+ homes a month he’s currently passing on because he can’t come up with the down payments. Do you have a heartbeat and tens of thousands of dollars you’d like to give Kris? Congrats, you’re qualified to be his next partner! How it works is, you come join forces with Kris, form a company, and each of you gets 50% equity. He’s the active partner, finding deals and managing everything and getting tenants and whatnot; and you’re the passive partner, obviously, since you’re supplying the dough.

You must be serious, ya gotta be a long-term thinker, he’s very particular about who he works with, blah blah blah, and you’ll need at least $50k to throw at this. Look, if he can get ya 25% or more on your money, I can be as cynical as I want, but even I can’t call that a bad deal. The question is, what if you give him your money… and then he can’t? Then he’s just gonna be all, Whoopsie, my bad, turns out you would’ve done better DCA-ing into the S&P 500. Welp, nothing we can do now. Either way it’s an easy no for me.

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