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Leap Vista Reviews: Is LeapVista Legit?


Leap Vista offers world class ecommerce education and exceptional industry experience for every entrepreneur. Through cutting-edge strategies and proven frameworks, they help others to start and grow their own ecom business. Their mission is to empower over 10,000 people to become the next wave of digital entrepreneurs in the next five years. In doing so, they hope to become the number one ecommerce education company in the world. They run lots of ads and talk a good game, but can they back it up? Read on.

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LeapVista was cofounded by brothers Steve and Evan Tan. Together, they claim to have built a nine figure ecommerce empire. Steve Tan is the current CEO of Leap Vista. The COO is Shannon Goh. Gabriel Wong is the CMO. Benjamin Tan is the chief trainer who specializes in Amazon FBA.

Leap Vista’s core values are as follows: (1) Always put the customer first; (2) Have fun along the way; (3) Teamwork makes the dream work; (4) Communicate with candor, honesty, and respect; (5) Perpetual progress (always growing and improving); (6) Be transparent; and (7) Complete ownership. They sell three programs: (1) Ecom Domination; (2) AMZ Elite; and (3) Digital Secrets.

Leap Vista reviews are mostly positive. On Trustpilot, for example, they have an “excellent” overall rating, with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. “There are lots of skills required to do ecommerce properly and this course had given a full overview of all the steps required to set up the online store, the details required, the product research, setting up the [Facebook] ads, learning to study stats and numbers to determine the action required so that we make rational decisions to close or scale ads,” wrote one person.

“Indeed, all these will be too much to learn on our own. Thank you Kennedy and the whole Team at LeapVista. Look forward to more learning and find success in this journey,” they added.

The LeapVista Team

But some critics believe their Trustpilot reviews, especially, are from fake accounts and/or students that were bribed to say nice things. And if you take the time to read them, almost no one is mentioning anything specific. Like how much money they’re making or how long it took them to make their first sale. It’s very generic. “Good info.” “Great structure.” “Awesome bootcamp.” “I was blown away with all the insights.” And so on and so forth.

My take? I would never put much weight into any course reviews you find online. They’re too easy to manipulate. Too many biases. I would instead judge Leap Vista (and everyone else) based on their marketing and advertising, free trainings, social media content, customer support, and just the overall vibe you get from them. When I do this, Leap Vista definitely seems like a trustworthy company. I do, however, think there are better business models than Shopify dropshipping or Amazon FBA.

For instance, consider what we do: make small, simple websites; rank them in Google; rent the results to local business owners. It’s less competitive, more affordable, safer, easier to replicate, and lasts longer. But don’t just take my word for it. Click the link below. Read every word carefully. By the end of that page, I bet you’ll be a believer.

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