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Is Jeff’s Shortcut Legit?

Jeff Lerner Reflects

Yes and no. The way Jeff Lerner advertises his Millionaire Shortcut book? No. Totally misleading. He says all these millionaires are being created every single day, and you can be one of ’em, and he’s got the shortcut, right? Just cough up your email and you’ll get free and instant access to this life-changing book. Only, it’s not a book, there’s a catch, and the so-called shortcut is a huge letdown and conveniently tees you up for that catch I was telling you about.

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So what happens is, you see a YouTube ad for JeffsShortcut.com, you get all excited, you click, opt-in, and instead of a book, you’re met with a video sales letter for Jeff’s Entre Blueprint Training. It’s thirty-nine bucks, but only if you beat the countdown timer. Which is fake, of course. Just refresh the page or leave and come back and it starts over. The “book” eventually makes its way to your inbox, after five or ten minutes. However, come to find out, it’s just an outdated little PDF document.

And all it does it butter you up and send you back to the pitch page for Entre Blueprint. But not before revealing Jeff’s big shortcut, right? Which (wait for it) is to get a mentor. *Facepalm. Lucky you, Jeff knows a guy, who happens to be a millionaire, who’s willing to mentor you for thirty-nine bucks. But again, only if you beat the clock. If you ask me, that’s a pretty crappy way to get people into your program. Hype, deception, just everything everyone hates about the course-selling space.

And then it gets worse. Because, once you buy his Entre Blueprint bundle thingy, he tries to sell you more courses and coaching programs and masterminds, and they all go up in price. I’ve heard it tops out at about fifty grand. Yep, fifty Gs. I would never feel comfortable taking fifty thousand dollars from anybody unless I earned it, fair and square, by taking equity in their business. Now, having said all that, sure, hiring the right coach or mentor probably is one of the only true shortcuts that exists in business.

Jeff Lerner Dream Come True

But there’s a few stipulations. One, you gotta be ready. Do you have the time, the capital, the energy, the focus, the drive, the right expectations? Are you willing to wake up and follow your mentor’s advice, day in and day out, for as long as it takes? If not, if you think you’re just gonna pay someone like Jeff Lerner five or ten K and money’s gonna fall from the sky, you got another thing coming. So take inventory of where you’re at in life and be brutally honest with yourself. Is now the right time to invest in a coach?

Two, is it the right business model? Hiring a real estate millionaire to teach you their secrets won’t do you much good if you hate networking and cold calling and negotiating and closing and always being on the go. Just like an Amazon FBA millionaire can’t make you successful if the thought of haggling with fifty suppliers and managing logistics and shipping and branding and whatnot sounds about as fun as a colonoscopy, right? So find the right vehicle first and then look for a mentor in that space.

From there, third, it’s gotta be the perfect mentor for you. So you’re ready, you’re committed, you found the ideal biz, now don’t just hire the first guru who happens to do that model who spams you with a YouTube ad. Be selective. Are they legit? Do they still actively do the business, or just sell courses and coaching nowadays? What about their personality? Their values? Is it someone you vibe with, or no? Finally, does their mentoring package satisfy your needs? Do you get enough one-on-one time? Or do they pawn you off on the hired help?

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