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Global Publishing Review: Ron LeGrand Is A G

Ron Speaking Candidly

He makes it seem really easy to get term sales from people, right? So that’s one of the objections his students have. They go, “If it’s really that easy, why wouldn’t the seller just do it themself and cut me outta the deal?” Ron recently addressed that objection, and, two words: Scorched. Earth. “Okay, well, first of all,” he said, “nothing is as easy as anybody says it is. All right? First, you have to learn what to do and then you have to get out there and do it.”

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“And the more you do it, the easier it gets,” Ron continued. “Now. You’re gonna start asking why? That’s gonna lead you down a dead end. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why don’t everybody list their house with a realtor? In fact, why don’t everybody sell it theirself? Why do people at houses get in disrepair? Why do they get behind on payments? Why do people fly airplanes into tall buildings? Why do people put powder up their nose till they die? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?”

“Quit asking why. I don’t ask why. I don’t care why. And I ask what and how? And when? We buy houses by asking questions to the seller. We don’t make sellers offers. They make us offers. By asking them questions and then answering those questions, they’re making us an offer. For example, ‘What is the least you could take if we could agree upon the rest of the terms? Is that the best you can do?’ Next question is, ‘We usually buy with nothing down; that okay with you?'”

“And the next question is, ‘What’s the least you could take per month assuming it’s free and clear? Or if it’s not, I assume you’re okay if we continue making your payments until you’re paid off?’ By asking these questions, they give us the answers and we’ll immediately know if they’re interested in terms or not. But if they are, they tell us what the terms are; we don’t tell them. So it’s not about why they do it, it’s about which ones will do it. It’s a numbers game just like any other business.”

LeGrand Under Contract

Damn. Ron laid all them busters down, he let his gat explode. But he still wasn’t done. “You have to start with all the big masses of people. And no matter what product or service you sell—and if you’re in business, you do sell a product or a service—you whittle it down to the folks who wanna do business with you. And you do this by asking a few questions and see if they’re interested. If they’re interested, we go to the house and hopefully we get a contract. If they’re not, we move on.”

My man Ron has tumbleweeds blowing through his empty heart. And now for the mic drop. “Again, it’s just like every other business there is. You deal with the people who wanna deal with you and lack the rest at lightning speed. If you wanna learn how to do that? You need to understand the terms business. So follow me and you’ll get some free training on YouTube, or check out any of my courses, and I’ll show you where the big money is in real estate.”

How can you not like this guy? Nothing rattles him, he’s seen it all, and he’s gonna tell it exactly like it is. Global Publishing has a number of home study courses. There’s Fast Track To Wealth, Pretty House Terms, Ron’s Complete Cash Flow System, Rehabbing Ron’s Way, Flipping Ugly Houses Fast (Wholesaling), Structuring Your Empire, Commercial Property, Mastering The Phone, Seller Financing, Finding Motivated Sellers, Foreclosure Fortunes, Getting To The Next Level, Private Lending, and more.

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