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Business Lending Blueprint Review (Oz Konar)


Oguz “Oz” Konar will show you how to start and grow a lucrative, recession- and pandemic-proof internet business by helping small business owners get funding. With “zero” money, experience, or expertise. Is it really that easy? Can you trust him? What do you need to watch out for? I’ll answer all that and more below. Read on for my Business Lending Blueprint review.

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When you click on any of Oz’s ads and sign up for his free training, you’re redirected to a private page on his Local Marketing Stars website. The presentation promises to show you how to become a business loan broker and make fifteen- to twenty-thousand per month in the next one to two months, even if you’ve never been in business before. Wow. Big promise. Let’s see if Oz can back it up.

Right off the bat, Oz uses his Forbes mention to establish credibility. Please understand that gurus commonly pay for this type of thing. He then flashes some pictures to let you know he’s not just some shady “internet character.” Oz is married with two kids and has an adorable puppy. He likes to travel and meet his community in person. He has spoken on various stages and held multiple masterminds. Oz has a small, virtual team he works with. His Business Lending Blueprint course has seventeen hundred active members. He appears to have lots of interviews and screenshots of student successes.

Onto the model. Why lending, right? Oz explains how most small businesses need money and loans to operate. But banks often turn them down or give them less than they need. Plus there’s mountains of paperwork, long lag times, and other headaches. This is where alternative lending comes into play. Demand is massive and on the rise. You can get people approved even if they have bad credit. (Can you though?) They can get their money in as little as twenty-four to forty-eight hours. And your commission for helping them is usually fifteen hundred to five thousand bucks.

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There are three basic steps. One, find businesses who need money. Two, qualify them based on whether they’re a new or established business, their credit score, and revenue. Three, get offers from lenders and help them choose the best one. That’s it, says Oz. Once they’re funded, your commission check will be sent out within a couple days. From there, simply rinse and repeat. Oz gives the thirty thousand foot view of each step in his presentation, but, of course, you’ll need his program to fill in the gaps.

Business Lending Blueprint (BLB), Oz explains, will do just that. Through six video modules and weekly meetings with a one-on-one coach, plus full access to Oz’s collateral, contracts, scripts, bonuses, and rolodex of direct lenders, you’ll have everything you need to launch and scale to five-, six-, or even seven-figures as a funding specialist. How much does Business Lending Blueprint cost? You will need to book a call with their team to find out. I did see that there’s a thirty day money back guarantee if you can prove you implemented everything Oz taught you.

Verdict? I like the business. I liked Oz’s hype-free presentation. I’m sure whatever he’s charging is fair. I do believe you could make good money doing this. It’s ethical and honest. All good stuff. But I have four big concerns. First, won’t it be hard to get in front of the businesses who actually need funding? Second, how much money will I have to gamble on paid ads in order to do so? Third, are they really going to take me serious? Fourth, when I’ve looked into this before, you needed a credit score of six-eighty or higher to get approved: is it just me or would most businesses who are hard-up for money not meet this requirement?

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