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Levels Of Wealth Review (Taylor Welch)

Levels Of Wealth Podcast

Taylor Welch asks, “What if you could take every single dollar that you make and turn it into two dollars, three dollars, five dollars, seven dollars? But, without having to do anything for it. Without having to work harder, work longer, or know all of the ins and outs of a totally messed up financial system. For the last nine years I have studied financial intelligence. And I have learned that there’s really only three things that you can do with your money.” Review continues below.

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The first thing you can do with your money, of course, is you can spend it. And that’s what the majority of people do. They earn some, spend some, and repeat, constantly living paycheck to paycheck. Second, you can store it or save it. And you probably should do that, with some of your money at least. That way, you can endure tough times. But wealthy people do not save all their money, do they? Nope, they do number three: they multiply it.

And that’s what Taylor’s been doing these last few years. For every dollar he makes selling courses online, he turns it into at least three dollars, within a year, through investments. Because of this money multiplication machine he’s built, he doesn’t have to make the most or work the hardest to earn like a one percenter. He founded Levels Of Wealth to teach you all about investing, from rehabs to index funds, crypto to Web3, and everything in between.

Here’s the deal: the Federal Reserve, the banks, the powers that be, they do not give a crap about you. Things are set up the way they are to create profits for the elites. Those with the most assets, the most incredible net worths. Taylor wants to change that. He wants to democratize the little-known secrets that can take you from moderately successful or even rich, to someone who’s capable of creating generational wealth. Scroll down.

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“It’s so important that you learn how to multiply the money that comes into your life,” Taylor explains. “Because then you don’t have to work so hard, you can settle down, you can have a lot of fun. So let’s say I can put a one-point-five X multiple on every dollar I make. And I start with two hundred and fifty grand, and I don’t add any extra capital. Well, by year eight, that quarter million is now worth four-point-two million. Think about that. That’s why there’s so much inequality.”

The rich get richer because they understand how to get greater returns off their money than you can off your labor. But instead of complaining about it, why not join them? There are three steps, Taylor says. First, optimize your “pumps” aka your sources of active income. Be it jobs, businesses, side hustles. Second, get your “buckets” right. A bucket is something that stores capital, grows in value, and pays you a yield or cash flow. Finally, third, you need your “moats,” or your sustainable, defensible advantages.

Simple enough, right? Well, it is. But it’s not easy. Or else everybody’d be utilizing this three-part system to multiply their assets and net worth, wouldn’t they? One problem is deal flow. It’s hard to find good, steady deals. Another problem is engineering. How much do you invest where, and when? And what about your network? Or lack thereof? Do you have access to the right people, partners, and mentors? Probably not. Levels Of Wealth can help. Must make at least two hundred K a year to apply. Cost unknown.

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