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Tom Wang: How To Make It Big On Amazon

Tom Wang Amazon One Percenters

FBA Masterclass creator Tom Wang says, “If you wanna crush it on Amazon in 2022 and beyond, you have to get this one thing right. Trust me when I say this. I’ve sold my brand for seven figures, sold close to ten million dollars on Amazon since 2017. I have more than five thousand students in my Amazon FBA coaching program. So I have a lot of data points. I see why people succeed. And, at the same time, I see why people fail.”

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“And this is truly the number one reason why someone either fails or whether they succeed,” he continues. “And guess what? It’s not PPC. It’s not marketing. It’s not UPC code. It’s not logistics. It’s not packaging. It’s not branding. It’s none of that. Then what is it? It’s about solving your customers’ needs. Now, I know that sounds very vague, but I’m gonna show you an example. So here’s the problem. Everybody who teaches Amazon teaches the same method of product research.”

“You can go on YouTube right now, type in ‘how to find products on Amazon.’ I can guarantee you that they either use Jungle Scout, they use Viral Launch, they use Helium 10. They type in the same filters. They type in the same criteria. They find the same product. They source it from the same factories. Launch it on Amazon.com, and guess what happens? It becomes completely saturated. You are not going to make that mistake. You’re gonna carve out your own niche within a market.”

“Let me ask you this: Have you ever foam rolled before? Like if you have a sore leg, sore back? You know, those rollers at the gym? Those things are quite large, they’re quite bulky; you can’t just like carry them around everywhere with you, right? You can’t even put them in your backpack. So what if there’s a way to make them much more accessible? Make them much more practical, so you can just put ’em in your pocket or wherever? That’d be great, right? So what’s the solution?”

Tom Wang Amazon Sports Car

One of Tom’s FBA Masterclass students sent him a viral TikTok video with the answer. Someone had identified this exact problem and came up with a brilliant product idea as a workaround. A thin foam roller sleeve that you wrap around your water bottle to then use as an actual foam roller when you’re on the go. “So this is a perfect idea of launching a product and differentiating it and making it more convenient, more practical, just making it better in every single sense,” Tom explains.

Again, it comes down to solving problems. Who wants to lug around a big ole frigging foam roller? Nobody. And yet, millions of people buy and use them regularly. So the demand’s there; and this particular FBA seller reimagined the product, allowing them to come in and immediately take over some of the market share, even though it’s an incredibly crowded space. So before going live with another me too product with a me too listing with some me too marketing, ask yourself: What problem am I solving that my competitors aren’t?

If you can’t come up with a good answer, at best, your success is gonna be short-lived. At worst, you may never even get off the ground. Here in 2022, you have to put a new spin on an old product, create a category of one, patent it, trademark it, and protect your income for the long haul. That’s how you break into the one percent of Amazon FBA sellers who make it big. Otherwise, you’re likely to drown in the Sea of Sameness along with the other ninety-nine percent.

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