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Elite Real Estate Society Review (Jerome Maldonado)

Pueblo Style Home

Jerome Maldonado can show ya how to make $80k to $100k working part-time, buying land and building houses. You’re right. It does sound like a huge undertaking. But Jerome assures us, it’s not. Anyone can do it. Even you. Even if you hardly have any money and you wouldn’t know a leveler from a stud finder. You just need to get the right land and have the right plan. Other people can finance it. Read on for my Aqua Academy review.

Jerome cut his teeth in network marketing back in the early ’90s. He got this little office in a strip mall. The exterior was painted pink. Every day he’d bring people there, take ’em through his pitch, and try to sign ’em up. Whenever rent was due, his landlord would show up and sit and watch his pitch. When Jerome was done, he’d collect his check. Then Jerome would see him go to the next office and collect another check. And so on and so forth, down the line, because the dude owned the entire strip mall.

That guy’s got it figured out, Jerome thought to himself. How do I get into real estate and just collect checks all day? Not long after, when the FTC shut Jerome’s MLM down, naturally, he decided to start his own construction company. Did he know the first thing about construction? No, but he knew how to sell, and apparently that was enough. Within three years, Jerome had become a millionaire. All from buying land and building houses and learning as he went.

Compared to wholesaling and fix and flipping, building homes is more consistent, more profitable, less risky, less stressful. Jerome breaks the entire process down into 14 steps: find the right area; find properties and acquire leads; assess the project; underwrite in detail; pre-development checklist; inspections; zoning requirements; financing; closing; understanding engineering and architectural requirements; check off proposed requirements; facilitate construction process; stabilize development; rinse and repeat.

Mr Maldonado

Any clue what any of that means? Yeah, me neither. Nonetheless, Jerome offers some design tips. Keep you homes between 2,000 and 2,600 square feet. In the kitchen and family room, make your ceilings at least 10 feet; and 9 feet, minimum, elsewhere. Open floor plan. Make sure the back of the house looks out at the best views. These things’ll help you profit $80k to $100k per new build when it’s all said and done. You can run this same play over and over and dump the proceeds into multifamily properties, commercial real estate, or whatever floats your boat.

“There’s a housing shortage right now,” Jerome says. “We’re gonna need over 30 million homes in the next decade. We have to 3x the rate at which we’ve been building homes the last 50 years in order to fulfill the demand. The solution, ladies and gentlemen, is you guys. Being able to come in, learn this process, and you’re gonna get wealthy. It’s gonna be life-changing for a lot of people. So book a strategy call with my team at Elite Real Estate Society.” Also, Jerome wants you to know, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr trust him to manage their warehouses.

Jerome seems like a great guy. And no doubt he’s been doing this a long time and he’s really good at it. But no way this is a viable business for the average person. Raising money and zoning and permits and HOAs and pain-in-the-butt contractors and supply chain issues and delays and then you finally get the thing built and then the first time it rains the roof leaks? Oh and the housing market dipped 15% while you were waiting on that tile for the master bathroom to come in? Yeah, I’ll pass. There’s easier ways to make $80 grand.

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