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Shortcut Formula Review (Lad Mandiola)


Lad Mandiola feels your pain. You wanna start an online business but can’t seem to get off the ground. Something’s holding you back. Fear, lack of knowledge, not having a mentor you can trust who can guide you in the right direction. But now’s the perfect time to launch and Lad’s the guy who can take ya to the promised land. See, he’s been where you’re at. Down to his last $10,000, back against the wall, Lad built a biz that now does $1 million a year in sales.

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With a success mindset, a proven way to increase sales, the drive to always keep customers happy, and effective networking skills, Lad sees no reason you can’t follow in his footsteps. And he’d love to equip you with the confidence and capabilities you need to launch and scale your own digital business, to 6- or even 7-figures, in half the time it took him. He’s willing to not only teach you but give you access to his personal rolodex, resources, and the very go-to services he uses for his own ventures.

This is for anyone who wants to get into ecom in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of capital possible. Imagine having a fully functional, great-looking website that appeals to the right customers; one that differentiates your product from all others. And what if you could drive tons of targeted traffic to it? And sprint to 6- or 7-figures, and beyond? That’s what Lad’s so-called Shortification process can help you achieve. It’s the foundation of his Shortcut Formula course.

Inside, you’ll discover how to develop yourself. You’ll find your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint what it is that you love doing, and understand why the lone ranger mindset is holding you back. You’ll merge your passion with solving other people’s problems and turn it into a scalable business. You’ll know how to engage people on an emotional level to get ’em to buy. The goal isn’t transactions, it’s transformation. That’s what you’re really selling. Not a product but a better version of your customers, right?


“In the end,” Lad says, “it’s not just how well you talk up your product, it’s about selling someone on that transformative experience. That’s how you’ll properly scale your business the right way, with the right resources. With my rolodex, you don’t have to waste your time finding advertisers, graphic designers, video creators, editors, web designers and developers, a legal team, contracts, a CPA, the list goes on. Now, does that mean you’re not gonna have to do anything? Of course not. But again, this is about shortcutting the process. Hence the title, Shortification.”

Gotta say, Lad’s presentation was 30 minutes of word salad, delivered like he’s the kindergarten teacher and we’re a bunch of booger-flicking five-year-olds who need him to talk really slow and emphasize every third word so our itty-bitty bwains can understand. And I still have no idea what I’d be doing if I bought his program. But he’s asking me to book a strategy call so I can “do what I love, get where I’m trying to go, save time and money, and scale my business properly.” Um, what?

Lad, buddy, that wasn’t just annoying, it was insulting. I’d rather get my arm lopped off by a samurai than listen to another minute of you on video. People deserve better than that. They’re not stupid. And they’re really busy. And there’s no shortage of business opportunities. Why not get to the point, offer specifics, and talk to them like they’re adults? Like, “Yo, I teach Shopify dropshipping and I get traffic through TikTok ads. Here’s a case study. Want me to mentor you? Cost is $3,000.” Gee, that was hard.

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