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Manish Gupta Review (Wealth GPS)


Manish Gupta says, if you’re paying taxes and you’re a real estate investor, chances are, you’re doing something wrong. You’re probably not increasing cash flow from deductions or finding legit ways to lower your tax bracket. But it’s not your fault. No one’s talking about this stuff. Except for Manish, the go-to CPA and financial advisor for real estate investors. But can he really help you add tens of thousands of dollars back into your bank account? Without hiring an army of advisors or learning the tax laws yourself?

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“You probably already know this,” Manish says, “but taxes are the biggest drag on both your income and long-term wealth creation, often slashing thirty to fifty percent off your total income and wealth. Wealth GPS customizes your tax strategy and wealth planning roadmap. We help you add back ten to forty percent of cash flow, cut taxes, and build wealth faster. Every single year. And that’s doing that without relying on a small army of advisors or learning tax laws.”

“Now your CPA and financial advisor may be well meaning,” he continues. “And you might be happy with them. But they really only understand just one piece of the puzzle. Luckily, Wealth.GPS is like having a loophole to all of that. See, there’s three major problems with advisors. One, they don’t connect all the pieces of the puzzle to be in your best interest. Two, they’re paid for their piece only. Why would they go above and beyond? Three, they aren’t trained in business or real estate investing.”

As a result, Manish explains, they’re currently only addressing the tip of the iceberg. You know, stocks, bonds, and insurance products. That stuff’s important, but you also need unique wealth and tax planning tailored to real estate entrepreneurs. Another issue is conflicts of interest. They only recommend things that make them more money, like through a commission on an insurance policy. You need to address all assets, all income, and cut taxes both today and tomorrow. Not to mention, asset and estate protection.

Manish Gupta CPA

“Again, most advisors are not wealth and tax strategists,” Manish says. “So your personal wealth creation and cash flow pay a heavy price over your lifetime. Me, I’m a real estate investor, I’m a small business owner, and I’m an entrepreneur. Probably just like you. I’m also a wealth and tax strategist who’s cracked the code on customizing your roadmap to add more cash flow and build wealth faster. I’ve had over twenty-five years experience. I enjoy world traveling, boating, and barbecue cooking.”

“Wealth GPS is the best and fastest method we’ve discovered to grow wealth faster, add back cash flow, and cut taxes every year. It focuses on the unique needs and advanced strategies maximized by real estate investors and business owners. It gets you the absolute best tax strategy for all of your investments (including real estate), business, insurance, estate, and retirement. And it removes advisor conflicts and fully integrates tax planning. And it does this all without learning the tax laws or hiring advisors.”

“Why is the power of the tax strategy the best vehicle for wealth creation? Well, we can literally create tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars this year for you and every year going forward. We’ll show you how to add or change business legal entities. We’ll set up your business for a tax-free sale in the future. We’ll show you how to use your home for tax-free deductions. If you need more incentive, remember, taxes are going up. Try us risk-free. If you don’t think we will save you more than you pay, you owe nothing.”

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