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Brian Mark Review (PT Domination)

PT Domination

Brian Mark went from trailer park to multi-millionaire. Now he helps online fitness coaches scale to $10k per month without using paid ads. At age 23, Brian was working as a bartender at a restaurant called The Roadhouse. One day a guy comes in, notices how in shape Brian is, and asks him if he’d make him a meal plan. Sure, why not. Brian whips him up a meal plan, charges him $200, and that was the start of his entrepreneurial journey.

“From that point, I started writing out meal plans and training plans for people,” Brian recalls. “And I started selling them. I didn’t really have a lot of clients. Had like three to five clients that were paying me like $150 to $200 a month. So it was a little bit of a side hustle, plus I was bartending. I didn’t really have any mentorship or guidance, so at 23 years old I was one of the few people who was doing it. So my entrepreneurial journey started by me having a full-time job and then working on that side hustle a few hours a day.”

Brian began posting content online a few times a week. He’d just sit back and hope people reached out, and slowly but surely they did. Then he’d try to sell ’em but he was awful at it. After saving up all his bartending tips and what little money he was making training people, he books a trip to Bali. Gets there, plans on staying for three weeks, but only has $500 left in savings. Damn. He either needed to think up a way to make money or he was pretty much screwed. So he creates a new fitness product, right?

It was called From Soft to Shredded In 6 Weeks. Charged $500 for it. Ten people sign up. Realizes: holy hell, if I can make $5,000 from the other side of the world, I can definitely do this back in Canada. The minute he gets back, he goes in and quits his bartending job. Okay, time to get serious. Brian starts planning and tracking everything religiously. Clients, recurring revenue, content schedule, goals, you name it. A few months later, he had his first $10,000 month. Legitimately the best feeling in the world.


After that, though, he plateaus. Decides he needs to clone himself. So he teaches his buddies how to do the whole online personal training thing, takes a cut of their profits. That turns into this big brand, Aesthetic Nation, based outta Calgary. At its peak, it was bringing in about $60k a month, but that got overwhelming too. Brian still had his clients, then he had to babysit all these other trainers, who each had 10-30 clients. On top of that, there was accounting and marketing and sales and just a lot of moving parts.

So Brian starts a new business, PT Domination. But this time, instead of taking a percentage of his trainers’ income, he decides to simplify it and just charge ’em a fee for the mentoring up front. That takes off, he enjoys it more, so he shuts down Aesthetic Nation and focuses solely on business coaching. Eventually he launches a podcast, Change Lives, Make Money, which feeds into PT Dom. Next thing ya know, he has his first $100k month. Kept growing, kept growing, then boom, the pandemic hits.

Now all these personal trainers, who were working in gyms, were out of jobs. They couldn’t afford the $5,000 price tag for Brian’s coaching program. Funny enough, he decides to double the price to $10k, but offers pay plans for as low as $300 a month. It works. Thousands of fit pros are now members; hundreds of ’em are already doing at least $10k a month. Their testimonials lead to more sales, obviously, and now, between PIFs and pay plans, Brian and his business partner are doing about $500k a month. Quite the story.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.