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Marketplace SuperHeroes Review (One Page Profits)

Profit With One Page

Stephen and Robert are the founders of a company called Marketplace SuperHeroes. Their bread and butter is selling simple, super niche products globally on Amazon. But lately, they’ve been cashing in on a concept they call One Page Profits, where you drive traffic to a landing page which then redirects people over to companies who’ll pay you anywhere from $30 to $100 for every lead you refer. Is this legit? What do you need to know? Read on for my review.

“The whole goal of this business model,” Stephen explains, “is we build these single page sites and then we basically connect potential customers with businesses who are in the market for new customers, in specific niches. So it could be insurance products, healthcare products, skincare products, vitamins, mortgages, the list goes on and on.” Once you pick a niche and find a company who’s willing to pay for leads, you throw up a simple, one page website and give visitors a reason to opt-in, right?

So say you’re going after people who wanna refinance their car loan. You might have a headline like “Refinance Your Car Loan and Lower Your Monthly Payments.” And then a button that reads “Get Personalized Rate.” And then some text below that letting folks know “It’s fast and free and won’t affect your credit score.” Maybe you add some pictures of cars and some bullet points and a frequently asked questions section below that, right? Cool, now you’re ready to capture leads.

But how do you get traffic? Stephen and Robert and those they’ve taught this to so far, are focused mainly on Google ads for now. So you might bid on the keyword “refinance my car,” and have a little text ad show up at the top of the search results, above the organic listings, whenever someone types that into Google. Of course, there’s gonna be other people doing the same thing, bidding on that same keyword, so it ain’t gonna be cheap. You’ll have to pay a certain dollar amount for every click you get over to your one page site.

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So it’s really about doing your due diligence, going after the right offers, where there’s plenty of money to be made but not too too much competition. And then coming up with the best ads, the highest-converting landing page possible, right? And then, when people enter their name and email and whatever else you ask for, you’ll have software that automatically redirects them to the company that’s paying you. But the nice part is, even if they don’t take action right away, you can follow up with them, daily, via email, to nudge ’em back in that direction.

Sounds like Robert and Stephen are only profiting like $40 a day off this right now, but it’s enough to see the potential. And the dude who taught it to ’em’s absolutely killing it, so they’re excited to dial it up. “So how do we grow it from here?” Stephen says. “Well, it’s simple. We can scale up the ad spend on the keyword that’s working for us right now. So we can basically pay Google more money so our ad’s shown to more people; that’s one way. And the second way is obviously to bring in more related keywords that promote the same single page site.”

“So by doing that,” he continues, “we can dramatically scale up the results on this one single campaign that we’re running. And then, yeah, over time, if we want to, we can set up different single page websites in different niches and just repeat the process. We can even experiment with other traffic sources outside of Google.” There was no mention of what their new One Page Profits course will cost. Only thing that concerns me is what happens when you spend $500 on Google ads and only make like $190 back? Think I’ll stick to free traffic.

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