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Audiobook Masters Course Review (Rob Anderson)


Rob Anderson can teach you how to make passive income publishing audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. He’s been doing it himself to the tune of ten to fifteen grand per month. Profit. And he’s not alone. His students are winning too. Enjoying royalties that trickle in hands-free. Can you really make money with audiobooks? What about Rob, is he legit? Read on for my Audiobook Masters review.

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The best part about audiobook publishing, Rob explains, is that you don’t have to write or narrate the audiobooks yourself. You can do it without any skills or experience. From the comfort of your home or while traveling the world. There’s no inventory. No customer service. Not much marketing since Audible, Amazon, iTunes, etc., already have gazillions of users on their apps/sites searching for new audiobooks to listen to. It’s unsaturated. And it duplicates.

Five years ago Rob was working as an EMT in an ambulance. Early mornings, grueling shifts, low pay, and crazy patients made him hop online and look for a way out of the rat race. Speaking of rats, one guy he picked up as an EMT had his foot eaten off by a rat! The man’s diabetes was so out of control, he lost feeling in his lower limbs and didn’t even notice. You’re welcome for the visual.

Anyways, after some success selling physical products on Amazon, Rob discovered audiobook publishing. His first attempt made him a couple hundred dollars a month. His next few failed miserably. He knew he had gotten lucky on the first. So he began studying, reverse-engineering, testing, and tweaking. After spending years in the trenches, he cracked the code. Now Rob cranks out winners at will. Today he has 83 audiobooks collectively bringing in more than six figures a year.

Rob Anderson Review

What niches should you go into? Business, weight loss, psychology, and anything self-help, says Rob. Once you have a topic, research and read reviews on current audiobooks in that space. See what listeners want and don’t want, and plan your content accordingly. Outsource the actual writing, narration, and graphic design of the audiobook to talented individuals with proven track records. Crystal clear audio is a must. When the audiobook is complete, turn it into a paperback book as well to squeeze even more money out of it. Optimize each listing.

All good stuff. The only thing that really turned me off in Rob’s presentation was how he snuck in a “testimonial” from Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful. SMH. Rob. You paid for that shoutout and you know it. Ironically, the next words out of his mouth are that he’ll only accept “high-integrity” individuals into his Audiobook Maters community. The cost of the program is likely five grand or more, but you’ll have to book a call to find out.

Here’s what I don’t like about the business model. One, it’s slow-moving. Two, it’s expensive. From the looks of it, you could easily spend several thousand before you get a finished product that may not even sell. Three, quality outsourcers or not, the people making your audiobooks are not experts nor are they passionate about these topics. Call me cynical, but aren’t you creating digital garbage? Four, if it took Rob 83 audiobooks to hit six figures, how many will it take you? There’s a straighter line to six figures. Click below.

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