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Jacqueline Matoza Review (Wholesaling Real Estate)


Jacqueline Matoza is a CPA turned real estate investor. You might’ve seen her on HGTV’s Battle on the Beach Season 2. She got into real estate for the same reasons as everyone else. It’s where millionaires are made. You can make money while ya sleep. Be your own boss. Yadda yadda yadda. Wholesaling, in particular, interested her, because of the potential for quick cash that you can then dump into buy and holds for long-term wealth. Read on for my review.

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The biggest mistake wholesalers make is they’re not using processes and systems (and especially tech) to run it like a real business. “The sooner you build processes and systems,” Jacqueline says, “the faster you can scale and grow. So many entrepreneurs get burnt out and can’t scale and grow because their business is too manual. They are the decision makers; they haven’t given autonomy to their team; lots of reasons. But at the end of the day, you need to be able to take your business and 10x it and 10x it.”

With that in mind, Jacqueline’s got four tricks to explode in wholesaling. “Basically, I leverage automation,” she says. “So I use PropStream and Go High Level, and I put the combination of the two tools together, and I basically have a business that runs itself. How does that work? I go to PropStream, I find my list of properties that I want. I load them into my CRM. My CRM will text 10,000 people in three hours. It’s amazing. The amount of people I can contact—and that’s all wholesaling is; a contact game.”

“The other great thing that’s gonna help you maximize and explode your business? Is PropStream also can show you how to get unlimited buyers in your town. And then you can meet them for coffee, build those relationships, figure out their profiles, what they’re looking to buy. Third, I teach everybody how to actually run a business. So many people do not know how to run a real business. They don’t understand the legalities, the taxes, the money. If you don’t understand this stuff, you’re running a hobby.”

Master Your Wholesaling

“The other thing I’m really great at teaching people to do is how to partner with title companies,” Jacqueline adds. “This is so important because your title company can spare you a lot of headaches on your wholesaling. When I go to do a deal, at least I know there’s not gonna be an issue with the title. Plus, it’s great for lead generation. My title companies give me lead generator lists that I ask for and I don’t have to go and do the work myself; so another way to automate and get leverage for my team.”

All that said, ready to make a decision to start wholesaling the right way? Wanna learn from someone who’s already done it? And just install their proven processes and systems and lead-getting strategies straight into your business? And then receive guidance on how to recruit, hire and train top talent so you can remove yourself from most of the day to day operations? If so, Jacqueline’s got just the thing you need. I believe she calls it her Wholesaling Real Estate Properly mentorship.

“I’ve got a great team behind me,” she pitches. “We help people push through this and keep going. It’s right when you’re about to give up, that’s when things get great. But hopefully you kinda see how I operate now. I am here for business, I’m here to succeed, I’m here to do really well. And I’m here because I wanna coach you guys and I wanna help you guys become great. It’s time to give back and get America rebuilt.” No mention of cost. Book a Real Estate Success Call if you’d like to know more.

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