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Ted McGrath Reviews (Fast Client Formula)


Ted McGrath struggled to get even two clients a month when he first started online. But then he discovered a little secret that allowed him to scale from two clients a month to twenty clients a month, and now to over two thousand customers every single month. If you want to scale your online coaching or service business like Ted did, all you have to do is one thing. What is that one thing? Learn to create effective video presentations that actually produce sales. Scroll down for my Ted McGrath review.

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Ted says the first video presentations he ever did were for ads he ran on Facebook and YouTube. What he quickly found out was that while they were good at getting people to his website, the traffic didn’t convert. He needed to spice up his sales pages. They were all text at the time. So he started creating sales videos for his offers, and it worked. He was landing clients. But the next thing he noticed was that not everyone was ready to buy right away.

Ted needed to build more trust. Naturally, he began cranking out content videos. Once he put all three types of videos together (video ads, video sales letters, and content videos), he had a complete system. A video presentation system, that is, that would allow him to scale to two thousand clients a month over the course of the next year. Today Ted spends more than two hundred thousand dollars a month on paid ads. What about ROI?

Ted says his online business did almost eight million dollars last year. For every dollar he put in, he got three-plus dollars back. Would you like to implement this in your business, so you can start getting clients as soon as this week? Ted has a free template that outlines this entire strategy. Specifically, how to make content videos, video advertisements, and sales videos that allow you to turn cold traffic into buyers all day every day.

Ted Message To Millions

If you sign up for Ted’s template, he pitches you a thirty-seven dollar course called The Fast Client Formula. It’ll teach you how to get clients faster, triple your sales and income, twice as fast. “In this system I have three things,” Ted says. “Number one is the Offer To Millions System. It’s simply a one page template with deep dive video training that shows you seven steps on how to make the most powerful offer on the planet. That actually gets clients fast.”

“The second component in the system,” he continues, “is my Simple Enrollment System. It’s based on my bestselling book with a ten hour audio training. It shows you how to make a phone call, how to diffuse any objection a client has, how to understand the psychology of buyers. And the third thing you need is to know is how to tell a story. How to share your message with millions. I guarantee this product. Get it for ninety percent off, today only.”

Can I be honest? I don’t mind Ted, but I’m not a fan of this style of marketing. You run an ad, promise something cool and say it’s completely free (his template), then hit everyone over the head with an urgent offer as soon as they opt in. There’s a countdown timer, “exclusive bonuses,” yellow highlighter, discrepancies between what Ted said in the video and what’s written on the page. I don’t know. It just feels very do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-me-to-buy. And then, you know there would be upsells after that.

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