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Buy That Business Review (Alex Mehr, Ph.D.)

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Shame? Irony? Two words that are foreign to “Doctor” Alex Mehr. Surely you’ve seen his ads for Retail Ecommerce Ventures, right? That business he runs with Tai Lopez? Where they ask you to invest your hard-earned money so they can buy iconic brands that are struggling, revive ’em with their super awesome internet marketing skills, and hopefully get you a return? Yeah, well, word on the street is? They’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

If true, Alex and Tai might very well have lit tens of millions of their investors’ dollars on fire. But so what! That would only matter if you’re a normal, rational human being who felt bad about what you did and maybe even a little embarrassed. And that ain’t Alex. So rather than lay low, he’ll just run a new ad for a new way to take your money. And here it is: BuyThatBusiness.com. The premise? Never start a business. Instead, buy one, easily, with little cash up front. Oh, you mean like Pier 1 and RadioShack?

“As you know, the likelihood of a new company succeeding is actually very low,” Alex says. “So 75% of businesses never make it past the 15 year mark. But it’s even worse then that because a lot of businesses that do survive remain really small and never really achieve product-market fit and so they never grow. And one of the major benefits of buying a business as opposed to building one from scratch is that a lot of time the business you’re considering to buy comes with an existing customer base.”

“And systems and teams sometimes,” he continues. “Okay? And they’ll continue to operate that business. So all you’re doing is you’re taking that core of a business and pouring gasoline on the fire to grow it. And this nine-step framework I’ve come up with for doing this is a lot more attainable and achievable than most people think it is. I refer to this framework as TELESCOPE, which stands for: Thesis, Explore, Leverage, Evaluate, Structure, Close, Orient, Power up, Exit or roll up.”

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Alex proceeds to ramble on and on about each letter (step) in the TELESCOPE acronym. My man could give a TED Talk on the history of tangents. The catch, of course, is he’s building a community at BuyThatBusiness.com. It’s for people who’re interested in exploring this idea further. “And like I said,” Alex closes with, “it is a lot more attainable than you think to buy an existing business. But we will be building this community, we will be adding workshops, classes, a lot of content.”

“We’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about how to do this,” he continues. “And as this community flourishes, we are gonna share the learnings among our community members so that everybody learns from everybody else’s experience. You’ll also see an application once you join the community. That’s for people who want more 1-on-1 consulting with one of my team members. You know, if you’re interested and you wanna move forward, there’s an application for that as well.”

And there you have it. Deploy the simple, nine-step TELESCOPE framework, and go out and buy your first or next business. Just try not to run it into the ground like REV did with all their acquisitions. It’s funny, the second you enter your info to join Alex’s community, there’s a quiz that basically asks you how much money you have, what’s your credit score, and give us your phone number so we can call and separate you from that money and credit as quickly as possible. I mean, if I didn’t find humor in this, I’d be sobbing uncontrollably.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.