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Josh The Membership Guy Review

Josh Out Hunting

Josh here was able to retire his wife so that she could be a full time stay at home mom and raise their three adorable daughters. “So that we could raise them the way that we believe they should be raised,” he says. “That was our goal as a family. So when my wife came to me and said, ‘Hey, how can I retire myself? How can I stop working without hurting our income?’ I was like, ‘I’m just gonna build you another membership business.'” Read on for my review.

Apparently, Josh had already built other memberships for his own income. “That’s just what I do,” he continues. “I use the power of ecommerce, where I sell products and then a percentage of my customers join my memberships and they pay me every single month. So I know that money’s coming in. And I’m no longer chasing the next step. So when she wanted to retire, I built her a simple baking business, of all things. I knew nothing about baking. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter.”

“You don’t need to know anything about the niche, honestly. And this process works in every single niche you can imagine. I have five core memberships that I have for myself, in all kinds of different niches. Why? Because the process is the exact same that I do, regardless of what niche it is. So again, I have a baking business, a hunting business, a fishing business, a jewelry business, and a his and hers shopping discount store. Crazy thing is, across all those memberships, I have over 2,000 active members.”

Okay, but how much are they paying you? Josh says it’s anywhere from $13- to $35 a month. Which, if you average that out, that means he’s got about $50 Gs a month coming in residually. Which is awesome, but what are those people getting in return? And how much ongoing work is it for Josh? And what are his margins on that, right? ‘Cause, at the end of the day, profit’s all that matters. If he’s got $49k a month in expenses, big whoop. Scroll down, read on. Let’s see if he clarifies any of this.

Ecom Drop Shipping

“My goal this year is to help 100 families do this exact same thing so that you can spend more time with your loved ones,” Josh says. “Whether it’s your children, your spouse, traveling, whatever it is that’s your goal as a family. I wanna help you achieve that by retiring you or your wife or both of you. So I’m doing something absolutely crazy. Instead of selling you my Josh The Membership Guy program for $1,200 like I usually do, I want you to go through it with me live so I can make it better and better and better.”

“So for the next 100 families, I wanna give you access to my program for 97% off. So instead of $1,200, I’m literally gonna show you step by step how to build a membership business for just $37. Right now only. And only if you’re one of the first 100 families. Because the price of advertising is going up, I can’t give away this whole program for $37 for long. So it’s gonna be just for the next 100 families. Alls I ask in return is that you give me honest, real feedback as you’re going through it. So I can make it more understandable, more powerful.”

To recap, for a one-time fee of $37, here’s what you’re getting: Josh’s video training detailing how to build a monthly membership business from scratch; plus how to build a high-converting landing page; how to run Facebook and Instagram ads successfully; as well as lifetime access to The Membership Guy Facebook Group. Hmm. Like I said earlier, I would need to hear more details about the recurring part of the biz before I’d know whether or not I’d be interested. Kinda vague. And not many testimonials at this point.

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