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MentorBox Review (Dr. Alex Mehr, Tai Lopez)

Dr Mehr MentorBox

Tai Lopez said the following in a new YouTube ad: “One book a week. But not many people have time for that. I understand. So I created a company with my business partner, Alex, called MentorBox. We turn books like this into video format. We’ve got New York Times bestselling authors, Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners [all] teaching their books. Like Warren Buffett says, the more you learn, the more you earn. One of my favorite sayings. Give us seven minutes and we’ll change your life. Seven minutes a day.”

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Tai says MentorBox costs less than what you pay for Netflix. He tells you to go get signed up. You can cancel anytime. “Get the knowledge of these books in your brain. We make it simple. Easy to remember them. Get one book a week into your brain in seven minutes. Click the link,” he commands, as the YouTube ad comes to an end. Not gonna lie, MentorBox sounds good on paper. Real good in fact.

For just seven bucks a month (or fifty-nine dollars a year), you get online access to short video courses from the authors themselves, plus audios, workbooks, and cheatsheets. For eighty-nine dollars a month, you can upgrade to the physical box, where you get actual copies of the books as well as printed course materials. There’s a thirty day money-back guarantee. Click cancel on your profile or email Support at MentorBox dot com when you’re over it.

Although I think it’ll take much more than seven minutes to extract the “life-changing” wisdom from each mini-course, there are worse ways to spend seven bucks a month. But here’s where my MentorBox review takes a hard left. Dr. Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez got greedy and totally ruined a good thing. As soon as you buy MentorBox, you’re all excited and then that excitement quickly evaporates as you’re slammed with “one time only” offers.

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“Want this stupid thing for nine-ninety-seven? No? How about for half off then? No? Then how about this other stupid thing? Warning: you’ll never see this again!” Ugh. It’s exhausting. And if you’re not careful, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on shoddy digital programs and networking groups Tai and Alex put zero effort into. Even if you have the discipline to say no, they’ll spam you with daily emails promoting one half-baked business opportunity after the next.

There are upsells everywhere. Heck, half of the core MentorBox trainings are soft pitches for the author’s course or coaching program. It’s annoying at best; financially crippling at worst. This is unacceptable. No one deserves to be treated like this. Especially when you could spend far less, overall, just buying the exact books you want on Audible, not wasting your time on all the filler content they put inside of MentorBox, and learning at your own pace.

Without a bearded former NASA scientist and professional Lamborghini leaser constantly trying to manipulate you out of your last dollar. Which brings up one final point, and I’ll close with this: perhaps we shouldn’t be “knowledge hacking” in the first place. Maybe the right self study approach is “less but better.” Maybe slowly making your way through the best book for where you’re currently at in life, right now, and gaining a deeper understanding of the material, would be more helpful than the MentorBox way.

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