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SamCart 1 Simple Page Review (Brian Moran)


Brian Moran has good news. The SamCart cofounder studied 728 of their top sellers. He discovered something. Most of them were using one simple page to make millions online. “So I took what they were doing, made a brand new template inside of SamCart, and tested out this theory for myself,” Brian said. The page ended up making them $182,355 in just a few short days. No multi-step marketing funnel. No three hour webinar. No Facebook ads. No big bloated ecom store.

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In fact, it was one of their highest-converting pages ever. Today it pulls in $1,729 per day. Not bad for a guy who used to work at a paper mill. And Brian believes you, too, can have a six or seven figure internet business after he hooks you up with this specific one page template.

He’ll include it for free if you buy an annual subscription to his SamCart software. The cost is just $349 for the first year, assuming you beat the annoying countdown timer. With SamCart, you can create unlimited pages to sell as many products and services as your little heart desires. You can do one-time purchases, subscriptions, pay plans, and even offer trials. They have dozens of templates to choose from, in addition to the one pager. There’s more:

  • The 1 Page Masterclass ($3,995 value)
  • 1 Page Workshop ($199 value)
  • Traffic Tactics ($1,997 value)
  • The $237k Swipe File ($1,495 value)
  • Product Creation Masterclass ($499 value)
  • 1 Page Wednesday Coaching Calls
  • The Private Facebook Group
  • Expert Bonus Trainings

All of the above is included in your initial $349 SamCart Launch Yearly bundle. There’s an optional $197 Facebook Ads Academy you can add to your order at the time of checkout if you so choose. You’ll be rebilled $349 every 12 months until you cancel, which you can do at any time. However, if you don’t beat the clock, you’ll pay 40% more ($588 per year) and lose all the bonuses.


SamCart backs you with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason within that first month, just say the word and they’ll refund every penny. “While I can’t guarantee you that this program or SamCart will make you millions of dollars, I can guarantee that it works. And that there are thousands of regular people like you and me that have used this simple strategy to finally get the financial freedom they’ve always wanted for themselves and their family,” Brian said.

Much like Russell Brunson did with ClickFunnels, Brian Moran has done an excellent job of making SamCart more than just another lame landing page builder. The software alone, although nice, would be easy to overlook. But by coming up with a hook (“Launch a six figure online business with just one simple page!”) and adding masterclasses, swipes, and support? Well now he’s basically selling a business in a box; an irresistible offer to many a marketer.

Do you need SamCart though? Probably not. For most, it’s overkill. Like, there’s almost too much stuff included in this promotion. I can see newbies signing up, getting overwhelmed, and never even finishing their one simple page. My recommendation is to hold off till you know you need it. When you’ve got your offer dialed. You’re getting traffic. Sales are already coming in, but you think conversions could be better. That, to me, is when SamCart would come in handy. But the average person likes to put the Cart before the horse. (See what I did there?)

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