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Musician On A Mission Review


Rob Mayzes is a musician and mix engineer. He can help you make an income as a freelance producer, mixer, or songwriter. You can work remotely from your own home studio. And you don’t need to be perfect at your craft. “With our Hybrid Musician program we’ve helped thousands of people to get paid to do what they love,” he says. “People like Justin who made almost three thousand dollars within just thirty days of completing the Hybrid Musician program.” Scroll down to read the entire Musician On A Mission review.

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How is it possible that Justin and dozens of other Musician On A Mission students are making their first-ever money following their passion? Especially if you’re a long way from making music that sounds truly professional, right? Who would possibly pay to work with an amateur? The honest truth, Rob says, is that if you approach this like every other aspiring musician, binging free YouTube videos, trying to figure it out alone, it could take years.

There is a faster way however. “We built a program that turns people into professional producers in the shortest time possible,” Rob explains. “And we do that by giving you the three things that you need to progress really fast. One, a blueprint. You’ll get a step-by-step roadmap for making radio-ready music at home. And we tailor it to you and your genre.”

“Two, is feedback,” he continues. “We have a team of professional engineers that will listen to your mixes and your music and tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong. And three, guidance. When you get stuck, we have a panel of experts who are on hand to get in the weeds with you, show you how to make your music sound professional, help you get your first client, and then scale up your music business.”


That’s all fine and dandy, but isn’t the music market saturated? Yes, Rob admits, if you approach it like every other “me too musician.” You know, build a fancy website, go to gigs, network in person, try to build a following on social media. If that’s what you’re doing, yes, it is cutthroat and you’ll be unlikely to gain any traction. But if you zig while everyone else zags, if you do what they aren’t willing to do, you can breakthrough.

Things like building real relationships with important people in the industry. Taking a more personal approach. Building trust, being authentic. “I’m not saying it’s easy, but it works,” Rob rants. “And while everyone else is taking a mass marketing approach, charging next to nothing, you’ll be getting high-paying clients that keep coming back again and again and again.” To deep dive into all of this, Rob asks you to attend his free masterclass.

After that, they’ll pitch you a course. The Musician On A Mission curriculum covers how to generate a reliable income as a remote freelancer; the real reason your mixes don’t sound professional yet, and how to make radio-ready music at home; how to get clients really fast by doing the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing; why you don’t need to move to L.A. or have an existing network to land VIP clients; how to start earning money from music on the side, as a zero-risk way of breaking into the industry; and more. A Reddit user said the cost was forty-eight hundred bucks.

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