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Ecom Automate Review (Mike Orakpo)


Mike Orakpo is the founder of Ecom Automate. They sell automated Shopify businesses starting at twelve grand. “We’ve done all the hard work for you,” he says, in his latest YouTube ad. “All the heavy lifting, all right? We’ve done the product research, we’ve built your store, we find the exact product, the exact niche. We’ve got to the point where we tested your products on our general store so that, by the time it gets to you, we know that the sales are already coming in.”

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“Now, this is all done from an automated standpoint,” he continues in the ad. “Meaning that it’s hands-off for you, about ninety percent automated. Where all you have to do is just go in there, confirm orders. And it gets to the point where your orders is going from your supplier directly to your client. This is for my six figure people. This is for people who are looking for that extra passive income. You wanna get to the point where your store is making money for you, building that online brand.”

“Maybe you don’t quite know how to market or which products to sell. You don’t quite know which niche to go into. Guess what? We got it for you. Our ideal client is someone who is a nine-to-fiver, someone who could be a doctor, a nurse, a, whatever it is; that you get to the point where you feel like you have investment capital where you’re able to spend, make an investment, and you’re able to allow your money to start making money for you. If you’re ready, click the link, let’s get started.”

That takes you to a page with more information about Mike’s done-for-you Shopify automation service. He says it’s the perfect biz for today because you don’t need a ton of capital to get started, like you’d need with a brick and mortar business. You can work from anywhere using nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. Ecom is booming right now, obviously. It’s recession-proof. And you won’t have Amazon taking thirty to forty percent off the top like you do with FBA.


Sure, you could always try setting up your own Shopify store, but most people get stuck in one of the following areas. Either the tech stops ’em dead in their tracks. Or they can’t decide on a brand. Or they’re clueless when it comes to picking quality products people actually want to buy. Or, if they overcome all that, they can’t get visitors to their website; and even if they do, they don’t convert them into customers. That, or it costs more, in ad spend, than what they make, per sale.

What if you could skip all that? And just confirm new orders and offer customer support? That’s where Ecom Automate comes in. They’ll help you come up with a winning niche; find high profit margin products your customers will love; create a Shopify store people will trust; optimize it for conversions; set up apps that make the fulfillment almost entirely hands-free; and they’ll even send you targeted traffic using Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Sound too good to be true?

Book a thirty minute call with the Ecom Automate team to address any concerns you might have. Remember, pricing starts at twelve grand, and goes up from there, depending on the level of support and add-ons you want. They do offer a ninety day money back guarantee. I would ask them about ad spend: who covers that? And how long till their average done-for-you Shopify automation client actually sees a profit? And what happens if there’s an issue with the supplier? Like if they run outta stock?

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