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Overages Blueprint Review (Bob Diamond)

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond calls himself America’s Tax Sale Attorney. He sells a program called Overages Blueprint. It costs one thousand four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Or you can do three monthly installments of five hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Inside, you’ll learn how to cash in on a “huge government scandal,” as Bob says in his YouTube ad. Is this legit? What would you actually be doing? What are the downsides of the business model? I’ll answer all that and more below. Read on for my Overages Blueprint review.

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So what is this loophole Bob talks about? Basically, folks fall behind on their property taxes. They get foreclosed on. Their homes go to auction. Investors buy them for cheap. The government pays off the taxes due, and pockets the remainder of the sale. But that money belongs to the previous homeowners, right? Sadly, most of them do not know this. That, or they’re too embarrassed to follow-up and collect what they’re owed. Which is where you come in.

Overages Blueprint will give you the tactics and tools to recover this money for these people and earn a commission for yourself in the process. And don’t worry, Bob says, you don’t need any experience, skills, or special licenses to do this. If you’ve got an iPhone and computer, you’re good to go. Inside Overages Blueprint, he’ll supply the rest: a quick start guide, twelve video training modules, support, scripts, legal documents, and a list of the best states to do this in.

Say you join. You get in, get busy, and successfully complete one deal. What does that look like? According to Bob, an average deal, start to finish, will require about ten hours or so of actual work on your part. A typical finder’s fee, for you, will be about thirty or forty percent. Call it thirty-five. Meaning, an average commission of right around ten K per deal. Assuming that’s true, this new skillset is worth a thousand bucks an hour. Nice. But I do have some concerns.

Overages Blueprint

My first concern is that, for us non-attorneys, this is all very confusing. Despite Bob’s claim that anyone can do this, I personally would feel like a fish out of water. And what if I unknowingly did something illegal? For example, Bob himself says that you can’t even do this in certain states. And I bet the rules are always changing. Last thing I need is the state of New York coming after me. On the other hand, that’s where Bob being an attorney gives you some peace of mind. I might be overthinking it.

Second, imagine how uncomfortable it would be cold calling these poor people who just lost their home. Even if your intention is pure. Like, if I got a call from a complete stranger who said they could help me recoup money from my foreclosure? One, I’m embarrassed. Two, I’m assuming it’s a scam and probably hanging up after telling them to never contact me again. Three, say I did hear them out. And I believed them. Okay. Why wouldn’t I just look into it myself? Am I really gonna pay some random person ten K to make a few calls for me?

Third, even if you overcame all of this, Bob says it takes four agonizing months to get paid. I’m not that patient. If I started a side hustle and didn’t see any results for at least a hundred and twenty days, I might get distracted and move on to something else. For these reasons, Overages Blueprint is a no for me. I like Bob Diamond, but not his business model. He’s definitely legit. I know it works for him and many of his current students. But yeah, it’s just not a good fit for me. What about you?

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