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Publishing Life Overview: What Will You Learn?

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Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen are the twin brothers behind Publishing Life, where they teach ya how to make money on Amazon without selling physical products. Instead, you’ll be publishing books (eBooks, audiobooks, plus or minus paperback books). The Mikkelsen twins say they’ve published more than a hundred books themselves, combining for more than six figures in royalties. Should you buy their Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 course and do this yourself? Read on.

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Christian gives an overview of their self-publishing process. “Step one is to create a book,” he says. “So you have your book written, you come up with a book title, book cover, book description. And then once your book is done, you publish it to Amazon (and elsewhere) as an eBook and paperback book, and then you can begin making sales immediately. And then, after that, you turn your book into an audiobook and you publish it to Audible, which is the number one distributor of audiobooks.”

“Audible by Amazon has like ninety percent of the market,” Christian continues. “So you can begin making sales there. Then after that, once your books are published, you have to market your books and your audiobooks. Primarily through SEO; that is your number one traffic source. It means ranking your books highly for search terms on both Amazon and Audible. You do that by putting keywords in, title, description, just optimizing it so people can find it when they do a search.”

“You also want to get reviews for your book. And you can also run some Amazon ads to get a little extra traffic, make some extra profit on your books. And that’s what marketing your books primarily is: SEO, reviews, and some ads. Amazon ads, that is, not Facebook ads, not YouTube ads, you’re not spending a ton of money. And then, the last step, is to learn from your mistakes and repeat. That’s something that’s critical to publishing, or anything in life you wanna get better at, really.”

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“We highly advise you to learn more about publishing,” Rasmus adds, “and really give it a chance. Publishing is an opportunity you don’t wanna ignore. It’s becoming more and more popular every single day. The least you can do is educate yourself about the model. Our goal with PublishingLife is simply to put publishing on the map as one of the best ways to create long-term income online. We’re passionate about this because it changed our lives, it was the turning point for us. And we want that for you too.”

Audiobook Income Academy will cost you two thousand dollars to enroll in. I don’t hate the idea of self-publishing on Amazon and Audible, and I definitely think there’s money to be made there, but it’s nowhere near as quick, easy, or inexpensive as the Mikkelsen twins make it seem in their nonstop YouTube ads. Getting a decent book ghostwritten and narrated and having cover art designed will cost thousands of dollars and take weeks, if not months, before it’s done. And now your journey’s just begun.

Because now, contrary to what Christian and Rasmus say, you have to claw, scratch, and fight your way to the top of Amazon’s algorithm. Where, oh by the way, thousands of others are all publishing the same types of books using the same keywords and the same optimization tricks and running the same PPC ads. How are you gonna outdo them? If you can answer that question, the Publishing Life awaits you. If not, hey, at least your AIA purchase will fund the Mikkelsen twins’ next vacation.

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