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2 Day Blueprint Reviews (Jason Palliser)

Jason Investment Blueprint

Jason Palliser has acquired 35,000+ off-market properties. He calls himself a lead generation ninja who helps other real estate investors scale to six- and seven-figures. “If you wanna invest well and post multiple deals a month and get all the good off-market leads in any market in America,” he says, “including those ‘tough markets,’ then you need to apply for my 2 Day Investment Blueprint.” Read on for my review.

Jason started off in the funding world but after seeing how much money his borrowers were making by investing in real estate, he decided to join them. That was twenty-something years ago. Over time, he got really good at lead gen. People, companies, and even institutions started hitting him up, like, “Yo, we wanna take over this city. But we don’t wanna do the same five things everyone else is doing. And we don’t have much of a budget. Can you help?” That led to his 2 Day Blueprint, and now here we are.

“What I found was that the harder I worked at finding different ways to get in front of sellers that had some level of motivation, that were outside the norm,” Jason says, “the bigger the equity on a property that we kept the cash flow on, or the bigger the spread when we fixed and flipped the property. I’m waking up every day like, ‘Wow, I’m beating everybody to the good stuff.’ And so it just kept blossoming, and now we have 34 unique strategies for generating superior off-market leads.”

What’s one such strategy? Well, you know those Valpaks you get in the mail? Where you rip it open and it’s got like 75 different local businesses offering you coupon codes? Jason and his team would call each of those businesses up, and say, “Hey, instead of competing with 74 other local businesses, wanna be on our little mailer with only three other businesses?” And they’d get four of ’em to say yes, agree to pay like seven cents per mailer, and now Jason’s entire direct mail budget was covered because he’d obviously slap his own ad on the back side of these 6×9 mailers.


“Now all of a sudden you can compete with the biggest players in town and it doesn’t cost you anything from your bank account,” Jason explains. “So that’s one technique, for sure, that, when we’re laying a 34-layer blanket to suffocate a city, free direct mail is one of the really good ones that gets the phone to ring immediately. But that’s just one approach. Again, we’ve got 34 now. You don’t need to do them all, but just pick a few, spend a couple hours a day, and you’d be surprised at how you can penetrate your city.”

Jason’s confident if you just take three to five of his strategies and implement them, you’ll have no problem hitting every acquisition and income benchmark that you want. In terms of budget, 18 of the 34 techniques he teaches are free. Just supply some good old fashioned elbow grease, answer the calls that come in, draw up a contract, close the deal, repeat. Or if you do have a budget, you can explore some of the paid strategies and cover a lot more ground in a lot less time.

Apparently, Jason’s 2 Day Blueprint costs $10,000. He’s got some decent testimonials from past attendees. For instance, John Jackson had this to say: “If you’re a real estate investor, you’re really in the marketing business. You’re in the lead generation business. And Jason’s got this down to an insane science. In two days, he showed us I don’t even know how many ways to market to sellers; and how to organize and follow up with those leads. I’m so glad I came. Well worth it.”

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