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The Palm Beach Letter Review (Teeka Tiwari)

Teeka Tiwari Brian Rose

Teeka Tiwari has a fatiguing 68 minute YouTube ad promoting The Palm Beach Letter. What is it? Essentially, you get an email once a month with Teeka’s watchlist and commentary on low-risk, high-income-producing assets to help you “grow your wealth significantly and safely.” It normally costs $199 a year, but this particular promotion lets you subscribe for just $49 for year one, then $199 every 12 months thereafter.

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On the surface, I have no problem with this offer. If Teeka Tiwari is half the expert he claims to be, he should be able to provide you with some winning recommendations. One good one would pay for The Palm Beach Letter for a lifetime. And you’re protected by a three month, money-back guarantee. So where’s the harm in trying it out, right? Well, after reading countless reviews riddled with complaints, I’m not so sure.

Take their Better Business Bureau listing, for example. They have an F rating. It’s under Palm Beach Research Group. That’s the name of Teeka’s company that publishes The Palm Beach Letter, along with a slew of other premium newsletters and programs. There were a handful of recurring themes. Being spammed to death with offers. Advice that actually made members lose money. Poor customer service. Not honoring refunds. False advertising.

“I signed up for this service. When I found this information was a complete waste of time, [I] requested [a] refund,” wrote one person. “I was told I would receive [it] within two days. Waited another week, still nothing. When I called again, they told me they could not give me a refund and I could [instead] get another one of their services. I responded, ‘Your first service was such a waste of time, why would I want another service?'”


After some back and forth, Team Teeka agreed to refund this individual within two business days. But once again, it was never processed. So the person contacted their credit card provider and got the charge removed. Then, three months later, it was reposted. Apparently, the Palm Beach Research Group did everything in their power to dispute the chargeback, and won. As you can imagine, this really set the guy off. “I will do everything I can to share my story!” they exclaimed. “They will not take my hard-earned money willingly.”

And while I’m sure there are subscribers of The Palm Beach Letter that are happy with their investment, I gotta be honest, positive reviews were nearly impossible to find. One customer, Matthew, had this to say over on Trustpilot: “I did not find the research helpful. I got constantly spammed by the group with several emails every day asking me to sign up to the next big thing. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you unsubscribe to their emails, they continue to bombard you.”

“They [the PBRG] never seem to talk straight to you. They will steal hours of your time watching their marketing videos. If Teeka and friends were so interested in your prosperity, why would they behave so slimy?” Matthew added, before suggesting their only goal is to flog you with more and more products you don’t need.

Because the feedback is so unanimously bad, I would not recommend you buy The Palm Beach Letter by Teeka Tiwari. I may be biased, but I think your time, energy, and money would be better spent doing what we do. That is, creating digital assets that pay you, monthly, for years to come. Click below to learn more.

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