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Paper Makers Club Review (Michael Stone)

Michael Stone With Wife

Michael Stone wants to show you a proven way for stay-at-home parents to make “fun money” on the side in only an hour per day. You deserve to live life on your own terms, with the personal and financial freedom you want. That’s why he created the Paper Makers Club. To teach you his print on demand (POD) business. It can work for virtually anyone. Even you. As long as you’re teachable, you take action, and you make the sacrifice to get it up and running.

“This last Christmas, my wife and I made an extra $50,000 to supplement our existing income,” Michael says in a super short presentation over at PaperMakersClub.com. “We did all of this without spending more than one hour a day on our print on demand store. We’ve since had a lot of people reach out to us and say, ‘Hey, we’d like to do the same thing.’ So we’ve created the Paper Makers Club. This is going to show you exactly how to create a print on demand store.”

“But without being an artist,” Michael continues. “Or spending more time at work. Or taking time away from your family. My wife and I? We have zero design background. Yet we’re able to add 400 designs of product to our website every month, if we want to. And we’re not working more than an hour a day. Our course is going to show you exactly how to do that and supplement your existing income. From year one, we took our POD store from zero to $65,000 in total sales.”

“In year two, we went from $65,000 to $97,000. And this year? We’ll pass $150,000. Like I said, we do all of this with less than one hour a night. We don’t wanna take time away from our two boys and our little girl. We wanna be able to have that extra time to take them on vacation. Or go on fun trips. Or things like that. And that’s what the Paper Makers Club program is gonna do for you. Help you learn how to build a business without spending more money than you’re gonna be making. And, you’re gonna have fun doing it.”

Mike Stone

I must’ve saw Michael’s ad for this the second he went live because that’s all he’s got, was that itty-bitty overview video. There’s no examples or case studies or FAQs or reviews or testimonials. Not even a screenshot from their private Facebook group. So my guess is, as they build this out and enroll members, Michael and his wife will be adding those things. As it stands, it’s probably gonna be hard for them to get people booking calls though. So I’d really like to see him beef up that pitch page, give us more to work with.

That said, I think you can tell a lot about someone just by watching them for a minute or two on video. Michael’s clearly a family guy. His wife and three little kiddos come first. Maybe golf comes second, with that Bad Birdie shirt he’s rockin’. And this print on demand business comes a distant third. If they really only work on it for an hour a day, that’s one heckuva hourly rate, huh? Like $411, to be exact, given what Michael said they were projecting for this year. My question: why limit it to an hour a day?

Surely the kids take naps or go to school, right? Or they could divide and conquer. Mom takes the kids to the park, dad doubles down on the biz for a coupla extra hours a day. Ya know? Other than the lack of content, that’s the only thing that didn’t make a ton of sense to me. When you have something that’s working, why not get while the getting’s good? Other things to think about would be potential saturation, and how do you drive traffic and sales, and what about customer support?

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