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What Exactly Will You Learn Inside AstroFlipping?


AstroFlipping’s designed as a six-week course. If you’ve got a day job, it might take ya a little longer to get through the modules; maybe two full months. “But what this program is gonna teach you how to do,” creator Jamil Damji says, “is approach real estate from the position of the principal in the deal. For example, as a real estate agent, when you are simply getting a commission on a house, 3% commission is not a lot of money. Compared to what you can make as a principal in the deal.”

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“So first and foremost what you’re gonna learn how to do inside the AstroFlipping course and community,” Jamil continues, stabbing the table with his finger, “is you’re gonna learn how to do this business from the position of actually being the investor in the deal. Which, you can be both. You can be the realtor and the investor [if you happen to be a realtor or a real estate agent currently]. It’s just about understanding the thought process behind where you are in the contract.”

“Secondly, we teach you lead generation techniques. But for the most part, the lead gen techniques that I really dive into? Are wholesaler outreach and realtor outreach. Now of course realtor outreach isn’t gonna help you get more listings. You’re not gonna call other realtors and say, ‘Give me a listing.’ They’re gonna hang the phone up on you. But what will happen is if you’re tracking wholesalers, and you’re looking at wholesaler deals, a lot of the stuff that you’re gonna find is absolute garbage, okay?”

Jamil’s point? Wholesalers that aren’t properly trained don’t understand how to put the right types of deals under contract, at the right number. So a lot of those contracts end up getting canceled. But those homeowners still wanna sell their property, don’t they? So what you can do is make a list of all those properties you’re receiving from wholesalers that are overpriced, skiptrace ’em, wait a few weeks, and then call all those people up and see if they’d like to list with you as a realtor. ‘Scuse me?

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Not sure why Jamil made a YouTube video about what you’ll learn inside AstroFlipping, then tailored the entire message to realtors only, but okay. “The second way you can get listings [again, huh?] is you can get batch leads,” Jamil says. “You can download a list of pre-foreclosures, you can download a list of code violations or other pain points. You can skiptrace those individuals, you can call those homeowners and get those homeowners to list their properties with you.”

“The other part is, a lot of people who are doing lead generation, oftentimes when a seller has a beautiful house or the house is in too good of condition to be a wholesale property? They need to refer that property to a listing agent. So depending on whatever market you’re in, you might be able to partner with Astro students who are talking to homeowners and actually get those deals that are not wholesale opportunities and turn them into listing opportunities. There’s so many things like that that’ll happen.”

Yeeeah, I’m confused. Are realtors the only ones Jamil wants enrolling in his mentoring program? Because he’s definitely only addressing them. How they need to decide, once and for all, that they’re done working their butts off for a coupla bucks and they’re instead wanting to step up to investor status where the real money’s made. It’s the difference between a $7,000 commission check and a $60,000 assignment fee. Mm-hm. Sure Jamil, whatever you say.

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