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Jon Penberthy Review (AdClients Courses)


Jon Penberthy says, according to Forbes, the e-learning space will climb to $325 billion dollars by the year 2025. Why not take your knowledge, package it into a course, and cash-in on that trend? Jon has; to the tune of over $10 million dollars in sales of his various courses and coaching programs. Now he wants to show you how to do the same. Read on for my Jon Penberthy review.

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“You can very realistically build a five, six, or even seven figure income by selling what’s already in your head,” Jon says in one of his many YouTube ads. He then tells you to click the link, register for the free training, and basically prepare to get rich quick. When you do, Jon will tell you how great he is, how much money he’s made, how much money his students are making, and then there will be an hourlong pitch for his latest and greatest course.

He’ll use every trick in the Guru Playbook to get you to buy now. The price will end in a seven. There will be a big discount, but only if you beat the countdown timer. You’ll definitely get some fast-action bonuses. And I bet he even pulls up the old fork-in-the-road stock photo and says, “Right now, you’ve got two choices: you can continue to go it alone, wasting precious time and money on trial and error; or you can learn from someone who’s already done it, who can shortcut your success.”

If you buy, there will be upsells. If you don’t, there will be down-sells, cross-sells, and Jon may try to sell you his unborn kids. Your poor inbox will take a beating. Jon Penberthy will spam you with multiple emails per day, trying every angle he can think of to separate you from your money. It’s annoying. It’s cringey. And it’s predatory.


Penberthy is the UK version of Peng Joon. Total opportunist. Zero shame. Anything to make a buck. A professional pitchman who slops together flavor-of-the-week courses, slams sheeple in with deceptive marketing, goes and buys a Tesla with the proceeds, shuts it down, finds the next hot trend, repeats. But hey, he does keep to the same theme: “I sell courses on how to sell courses.” It’s just the mechanism that changes. First it was YouTube organic. Then Facebook ads. Then Instagram ads. Then YouTube ads. Then auto webinars. Did I miss anything, Jon?

Currently on his AdClients website, he’s got a Tube Ads Academy, Ad Value Academy, The Legit Webinar Masterplan, Expert Accelerator, mentoring, done-for-you services, and of course, a Platinum Group Coaching Program that, I can’t even make this up, has a countdown timer at the top of the page and a headline that warns the price is about to double. Wow, what a sociopath.

I can’t stand this guy. How anyone puts up with him, let alone invests thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to work with him is beyond me. And this whole “anyone who knows anything can turn it into a course and scale it to six or seven figures” thing? I don’t agree with it at all. I think you need to be a master at your craft and have a knack for teaching and be techie and great at copywriting, advertising, and sales and have lots of time and money to figure everything out just to have a shot at getting your course off the ground. That’s not most people.

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