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PhoneSales.com Partner Program Review

PhoneSales LLC

Sasha Stanojlovic and Jovan Stojanovic (good luck saying those last names) are the guys who created PhoneSales. They close high-ticket deals that cost anywhere from $5k to $200k, and collect fat commissions for their effort. Should you join ’em? Let’s explore. The first thing Sasha does in his pitch video is contradict their own headline. He says they only sell high high-ticket – so programs that are $20k and up. And their highest priced program right now is $100k. Maybe adjust your headline, boys.

In order to sell for them, you should have experience selling at least $10,000 deals. And you can’t retreat like a beaten solider the minute you hear an objection. At these types of price points, Jovan and Sasha can only afford to have the best of the best working the phones. Clients wanna work with PhoneSales.com because they charge nothing until a sale is made. They set up the calendar and assign an appointment setter and install automations and follow-ups and provide call transcriptions.

And a million other things, on top of the main thing, which is closing these super high-dollar deals. Right? So these gurus who’re partnering with PhoneSales are getting a lot without having to give up any equity or assume any risk. Again, they only pay a commission once a sales is made. Here’s where you come in. PhoneSales.com has a packed calendar and not enough reps to take all the calls. Why not step in and knock down thousands of dollars per closed call? Work remote, enjoy a flexible schedule. All you need is your phone.

“When you start taking calls for us,” Jovan says, “we will literally get you a personal assistant. I closed a lot of deals [before launching PhoneSales]. That’s one thing that I know how to do. But I didn’t like to go back and forth with prospects before the call; I didn’t like to update my CRM; I didn’t like to take care of hundreds of different things. So I don’t want my closers to do that either. So what we have is basically an assistant – someone who will be there for you and help you out with everything that you need.”

Phone Sales Partnership Program

“If you need to follow up with Roger, who you talked to three months ago,” Jovan continues, “you can just say, ‘Hey, Jonathan (for example – your assistant), please, check my call with Roger.’ And he can go into our software, pull up the call from three months ago, and everything is broken down in extreme detail. He can review the call, see a full analysis, and he knows exactly what happened with Roger. Right? And then he can easily send him an email or an SMS follow up. And that’s one of the huge benefits.”

It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna cost you anything to join the PhoneSales.com team. That would be pretty messed up if it did, but you never know. In terms of earning potential, the industry standard is usually a 10% commission rate for high-ticket sales. So say you’re selling a $30,000 how-to-make-money-with-Airbnb coaching program, you’d pocket $3,000 per close. But obviously, Sasha and Jovan gotta eat, so I’m assuming they’d take some off the top. Also, most people aren’t gonna pay in full – especially at those prices – so your commission would get paid out monthly, based on their pay plan.

Then you gotta factor in cancelations and no-shows and rebills not going through and refunds and chargebacks. Sure, it could still be a great way to get to $5-, $10-, $20k a month – without having to run your own business. But I wouldn’t plan on taking two calls a day then lying in a hammock while you make more than a plastic surgeon for the month. It’s probably gonna be a grind. And the final thing I’d say, is this: Who the hell are these people and what are these programs selling for as much as six-friggin’-figures? You sure you wanna take part in ruining people financially? (Or at least the ones who don’t get results?)

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.