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The C4 Method Review (PowerHouse Ventures)

Los Private Mastermind

Powerhouse Brands pitchman Los Silva claims he’s got all these businesses and brands that combine to do like $70 million a year in revenue. It’s hard to believe given he looks like he sells steroids in the parking lot of Gold’s Gym. At 20 years old, he says he started flipping video projectors on eBay. Then he became a distributor for Bose, reselling their audio equipment on eBay as well. After an algorithm change wiped him out, he pivoted to funnels and media buying.

Built some agencies, worked with some people, but a lot of them couldn’t afford his services. So one day, he gets asked by this supplement startup if he’d do their marketing for free, in exchange for equity in the business. Los said sure. They scaled it to $11 million and had a successful exit. And he was all, Damn, I think I’m on to something here. So he just kept doing it. Teaming up with other people, helping them with messaging and marketing and paid ads and conversions, and then pocketing a percentage of the upside, right?

“And so that’s my main business model still now,” Los told Ryan Pineda on The Wealthy Way podcast. “We partner with the right people, help them build their brand, scale it, and either sell it or just have it as a massive profit center. And at the same time we still have agencies in different verticals that do specific stuff. Like social media growth, content distribution, funnels, etc. Some are focused specifically on ecommerce and some are focused on helping influencers build their personal brand.”

How’s he structuring these deals? Los says he takes a “let’s date before we get married” approach, where he charges them less than what he would normally for a three-month trial period. He wants to see, Can we get them results? Do I trust this person? Would I want them at my barbecue? What about their product or service—would I feel good about presenting it at my daughter’s school? Do I really want to be a part of this business? Then, at the end of three, maybe six months, they either break up or get hitched, right?

Los In Deep Thought

So it’s like Sister Wives, only Los is a profit polygamist. Makes sense. The average new partner they take on is doing about $30- to $100 grand a month. Mostly through organic traffic. And they’re still wearing all the hats, so they’re pretty burnt out. They need a team, they need systems, upsells, some Facebook and YouTube ads to pour fuel on the fire. That’s where Los and Josh Snow, I’m assuming, from PowerHouse Brands, come in. They install their C4 Method (which stands for Content, Conversations, Community, and Conversions) to really ramp things up.

After 15 years online, the one thing you can bet on, Los says, is that everything’s always changing. He was around for the launch of Amazing Selling Machine (now Amazing.com) back in the day; he was here for the Amazon FBA craze; then Shopify dropshipping was all the rage; then private labeling; then selling direct to consumer from your Instagram account; and on and on and on. You have to understand that what works today isn’t gonna work forever. So yes, get while the getting’s good, but reinvest back into your business to build a moat around it.

Content marketing, SEO, repurposing long form YouTube content into shorter clips you can use on TikTok and Instagram and Facebook Reels. Adding new SKUs. Creating info products and masterminds. The more diversification, the more income streams, the more future-proof you’ll be. “I think the people that win are the people that look at a business as a long-term investment,” Los says. “The ones that fail are just raping and pillaging the business. They only care about cash flow today. They’re running hustles, not companies.”

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.