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Best Print On Demand Products 2023: Top POD Money Makers

Custom Tees POD

Which print on demand products are the most profitable to sell here in 2023? According to Printful, one of the biggest players in POD, unisex t-shirts (especially their Bella + Cavas 3001) are easily the number one item. And you might think there’s too much competition, that everyone and their nerdy nephew’s peddling print on demand t-shirts already, right? Like how on earth could you possibly compete? But, newsflash: we all wear t-shirts, and we love buying ones that speak to us.

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Printful’s second most popular print on demand product is hoodies. Specifically, their Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie (aka the Gildan 18500). If you read the reviews, customers love it. It’s warm, it’s cozy, like being wrapped up in a super soft blanket. It should go without saying, but the fit and feel and quality matters. The design or saying or whatever you put on it might get the initial sale, but you certainly won’t get any repeat buyers if it’s uncomfortable to wear, right?

Third is stickers, believe it or not. Printful’s Kiss Cut Stickers sell surprisingly well. And you might be thinking, “Yeah but, if you’re selling custom stickers for a few bucks apiece, and then you still have to pay the print on demand company, how do you make any money with ’em?” Positioning. Don’t build your POD business solely around sticker sales; instead, try selling them as add-ons. If someone’s buying your hoodie ’cause they dig the design, why not sell ’em a sticker with that same design for their laptop?

Fourth, and you had to see this one coming: it’s coffee mugs. The White Glossy Mug is Printful’s go-to. Or, if you want something a little more spicy, their White Ceramic Mug with Color Inside does really well too. The coffee mug is a sacred item in people’s morning rituals. It’s functional but also reflects our individuality, right? Knowing that, you wanna avoid generic, one size fits all types of mug designs. You want people going, “Dude, it’s almost like this was made specifically for me.”

Print On Demand Hot Products

Fifth is unisex sweatshirts. The Gildan 18000 to be exact. Of all Printful’s choices for sweatshirts, it strikes the best balance for comfort and cost. Black is the best selling color. Navy, gray, and white are honorable mentions. One of the trends you can capitalize on is matching sweatsuits. By offering sweatpants that match the sweatshirt, the perceived value of the entire outfit goes up, and of course you get two sales instead of one. Who knows, maybe your customers will get their significant others a matching set and go full gaudy at the mall.

So those are the five best print on demand products for 2023. From here, you can look into all-over print yoga pants. Meaning, the design literally covers every inch of the pant. Come up with some cool, unique designs and you can charge premium prices. There’s engraved jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so on. These perform well with influencer marketing. Find someone big on TikTok or Instagram or YouTube who has your target market, negotiate a sponsored post, and watch the orders pour in.

Posters are proven. The Champion brand now allows you to do print on demand, so that’s something you can look at that’ll command higher prices as well. Tote bags, fanny packs, backpacks, phone cases, hats, socks, scarves, face masks. All great POD products in their own right. Or, if you’d like to explore an online business model without physical products, see below. We make mini blogs for local businesses, rank them at the top of page one in Google, then get paid for every lead they produce.

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