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Tom Wang: Do This Before Launching A New FBA Product

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Most Amazon sellers, they go to Viral Launch, they type in some criteria, pick the first product that meets it, then head over to Alibaba to order it in bulk with no modifications whatsoever, right? And hey, two years ago, you might get away with it. Not anymore. Now you need to customize your product so it’s better than anything that’s out there. And then you need to use your Amazon listing to make that superiority crystal clear to anyone who sees it.

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Easier said than done, right? Like, the million dollar question is: How on earth do you do that? Tom’s glad you asked. He just so happens to have a real-life example you can learn from. “So my friend Sam, he started a brand called Better Body,” explains Tom. “It’s an at-home gym, exercise, and equipment brand, okay? And it’s done very very well in the past couple years. And what they decided to do is now they actually want to launch an apparel line.”

“Now, apparel’s a very very very competitive space,” Tom continues. “You got Gymshark, Lululemon, Nike, so you’re literally going up against the greatest of the greatest brands, okay? Like those are your direct competitors. How he [Sam, that is] is approaching this is actually really smart. And he’s doing a great job at understanding his customers’ needs. What he’s doing is sending out each of them a Better Body Workout Apparel survey to fill out, right?”

“In fact, Sam even sent the survey to me. He wanted me to fill it out because he knew I used to go to the gym regularly. I was his target market, so that’s very important: getting someone in your target market to fill this out; not just randomly anybody off the street. And so Sam said, ‘I really wanna get your feedback, it would be really important for the brand.’ And the survey is so well done. He’s asking me all these different questions that’s gonna be really beneficial for him.”

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Because what happens a lot of times is, us business owners have all these “great ideas” in our heads, but we don’t validate ’em with anyone (other than maybe like family and friends who, of course, aren’t gonna mow ya down with hurtful feedback, are they?). So before you go live with a new Amazon FBA product, Tom would highly recommend you first identify who your buyers are and then create your own survey for them to fill out. Chances are? Their answers are gonna shock you.

“Always listen to your potential customers,” Tom says. “And if you find something valuable in the survey, make sure you implement it to your product. So that way, once you launch the product, you can have a competitive advantage. Your product will be different from everybody else on Amazon. And here’s the bonus: you can now start to build up a literal email list. Now you can build your tribe. You can update them on your journey. ‘Hey, we just got our sample in. You guys said you love the color black. Well, here’s a picture of it in black. Whaddya think?'”

“You can document your FBA journey,” Tom continues, “and even add it to your TikTok, your Instagram, Facebook, whatever it might be. And you can build up a following. That way, when you launch? You already have an audience to sell to, right? And this is how you can dominate Amazon in 2022, 2023, and beyond.” Check out Tom’s Master FBA course if you’d like to be mentored by him. Or, for a simpler path to monthly repeat revenue, be sure to check out the link below.

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