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PubProfits.com Review (Christian Mikkelsen)

Christian Long Hair

Another awful YouTube ad from one of the Mikkelsen twins? Yep, this time it’s Christian, who wants to know if I’m curious how he made $2,317.16 from Audible, Inc. this month, without lifting a finger. No, but I bet he’s gonna tell me. “I literally did not spend a second of time, a penny of my money, or a single thought to make this money,” he brags. “And I know that 30 days from now, I’m gonna get another check of similar size. And then a month after that, I’ll get it again.”

“And that’ll continue again and again,” Christian babbles. “And that’s going to happen for years and years, for as long as the internet exists. [Wait, didn’t this dude say his Audible account got banned years ago for publishing low quality audiobooks in other languages, and he’s been doing nothing but teaching ever since? Yeah, he definitely said that. But I guess it’s not convenient for this ad, so whatever. Truth shmooth, right?] Now the reason these checks keep coming is ’cause I’ve set up an automated system.”

“I set up this system on Amazon, just once. And it has nothing to do with physical products. There’s no inventory to manage. There’s literally nothing for me to do once it’s been set up. Now I obviously can’t explain everything in this short ad, but I have created a comprehensive video training to show you how to set this up for yourself. The only two things you need to do this is, one, a computer, and two, an internet connection. And so if you’re curious to learn about this, click the link and register on the next page.”

“Now if you’re skeptical or worried that what I’m talking about might be some type of scam, I don’t blame you. Be skeptical. You should always do your own research. And that’s actually why we created this free training. So you can watch it through, learn about it for yourself, and then decide if this is something you wanna pursue or not. Also, as a free bonus for attending the training, you will get a free digital copy of our Wall Street Journal bestselling book called The Freedom Shortcut.”

Christian Audible Bio

“This book includes additional resources to help you get started,” Christian adds. “There’s student success interviews of others who’re making full-time income using this new Amazon model. So if you want access to that, just register for the training down below and stay till the end. It’ll get sent directly to your email. So if you’ve ever wanted to start a side hustle online, that you can do in your spare time? And one that pays you month after month after month, for years and years to come?”

“Then I highly highly encourage you to sign up to the training. At the very least, just learn about it. See what it’s all about. See if it’s for you. And at that point you can decide, ‘Nah, I don’t wanna do it,’ or ‘This is actually extremely interesting. I wanna give this a shot.’ You really have nothing to lose just by attending. You’re also gonna get a buncha cool bonuses. And so I strongly encourage you—this is a model that completely changed my life. And I know that if you were to take action on it, it could do the same for you.”

And there you have it: the latest lie-filled YouTube ad from the Mikkelsen twins. The training at PubProfits.com isn’t a training; it’s a painfully-long pitch for their $2,000 Audiobook Impact Academy course. The bonuses and book are about as useful as the CD some rapper from Jamaica tried to hand me (and even offered to sign) at the gas station the other day. And if you think you’re gonna outsource an audiobook, upload it to Audible, and sit back and collect checks every month? I’ve got some sleep music to manifest money I’d like to sell ya.

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