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Get More Sales On Amazon And Etsy In Q4

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Rachel Rofe is a print on demand expert. She’s got some insanely great ways to prepare your Amazon and Etsy shops for an influx of fourth quarter sales. The first of which is to simply add more designs. Really it’s something you should be doing year round anyways. “I know you’ve heard me say it before but adding more designs is the single biggest thing you can do, I feel, to make more sales,” Rachel says. Scroll down for more hot tips.

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“Now, last year I had a challenge with myself to see if I could earn fifty thousand dollars in three months on Etsy,” Rachel continues. “And I tested all these different types of things. I tested ads and personalization and all these kind of whiz-bang models that people talked about, but the number one biggest thing that increased my sales was just making more designs. So I definitely recommend you add more designs. The benefit of POD is you don’t need to worry about buying inventory, right?”

One way to do that, she says, is to bulk upload formulas. World’s Best Dad. World’s Best Mom. Brother. Sister. Grandpa. Grandma. You get the idea. You can go into other niches, too. The more items, the more chances of sales. “Just get those designs up ’cause you never know what’s gonna sell,” Rachel says. Another thing you could do to gear up for Q4 is to run promotions or discounts. Who doesn’t love a sale? You can create custom coupons for your shoppers. Abandoned cart, recently favorited, post purchase, etc.

What else? Rachel says you can offer a variety of products; not just mugs. Don’t get her wrong, mugs are great. But you can expand your reach by offering shot glasses, T-shirts, candles, ornaments, pillows, and so on. You can also send your items to Amazon FBA to drum up more sales. “The benefit to do this for quarter four is you will be shocked at how many sales come in from last minute shoppers,” Rachel says. “They’ll buy deep into the season and Amazon has their Prime option so people can buy things very last minute.”

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“The other cool thing about FBA,” she continues, “is on Amazon, people can make wish lists of the items that they would like. And so if you are a customer shopping for someone else’s wish list, the items that have Prime shipping (which FBA items would have) would be something that they would want more than like a normal item because they would know that the shipping would get there fast. FBA is really really awesome for quarter four. I’m sending in a lot of inventory and I definitely recommend that you do as well.”

The next thing that you can do is add a call to action with your listing. Let them know it’s a limited time only design. Or that all designs are owned by your Etsy store name. Or that it’s not available offline. Guaranteed safe checkout. Anything like that can boost conversions. Then you end with something simple and clear: Click add to cart to order yours today. Another thing that you can do is bundle your products together. Sell two mugs instead of one. Or a shirt and a mug.

“I hope you found these ideas helpful,” Rachel says. “These are all based on my actual sales. Right? So they’re not just kind of theory-based things. I’m actively selling every single day and so I’m telling you what’s actually working for me.” If you’d like to study under Rachel Rofe, check out her Low-Hanging System course. The cost is two thousand dollars. Probably a smart investment if you’re serious about getting into print on demand. Or, for a model with higher margins and more leverage, see below.

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