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Creative Investor Review (Alex Quezada)

Vault Ventures LLC

Alex Quezada started his wholesale business from his house; now he’s got an office, 200+ employees, and millions of dollars in transactions under his belt. The majority of properties were purchased using none of his own money. You can do the same leveraging his SCALE Operating System. Time to hop off the merry-go-round of wholesaling and start building the kinda wealth that’ll have your kids’ kids rolling in dough, like a baker’s dozen of croissants.

“We all know how tough it is in this wholesale business to be getting consistent lead flow, deals, and checks coming in every single month,” Alex says. “How tough it is to hire, train, and keep your employees. All while being so very interested in other parts of real estate, like building a portfolio, getting into multifamily, mobile home parks, self storage – to actually produce passive income and create generational wealth.” Pfft. Me? I’m just trying to pay for my Broccoli Cheddar Soup from Panera.

But for those of you who actually think about your legacy, Alex asserts that his SCALE Operating System is the key to transforming your wholesale business from a solo venture to a full-fledged enterprise with predictable income, a team managing daily operations, and KPIs to keep you on track. It all begins with strategy – the “S” in Alex’s adorable SCALE acronym. This includes determining the right markets, obtaining accurate data, building your buyers list, setting a budget, devising a marketing plan, and choosing the best CRM.

The “C” represents conversions, which is the primary challenge for many wholesalers – they can’t even close a window, let alone a lead. Establishing a proven sales process for every prospect is essential. Mastering how to communicate with sellers, tackle objections, and accurately run comps all contribute to executing contracts and selling them for sizable profits. Alex’s favorite aspect of conversions is creative finance, which basically means seller financing and subject to deals – clearly channeling his inner Pace Morby.


The “A” in SCALE represents ascension. Hiring, onboarding, training, and tracking the performance of your new team. Not only that, but developing a culture that encourages loyalty and longevity, right? We’re not working the fryer at McDonald’s here. Onward. The “L” is for leverage. This is the turning point that can truly transform your life, allowing you to reclaim your time to focus on yourself and your family. Harness your network to increase deal flow and tap into OPM: other people’s money. Bolt-on other companies, just as Alex has done with his skip tracing business, software, and South American call center.

Last but not least, the “E” stands for exit. Alex’s mission? To help you establish a genuine business that operates smoothly without your constant presence – one where you can step away, vacay, power down your phone, and the business continues to thrive. That’s when you’ve got a sellable asset. The SCALE Operating System is designed to lead you to this milestone, granting you the freedom to choose how you spend your days, whether it’s relaxing when you feel like unwinding or buckling down to grind and earn some extra cash.

And that’s a wrap, folks. Alex’s overview video ends and the application process begins. Like a magician, he keeps the cost of his Creative Investor coaching program hidden behind the curtain. Not that it would necessarily matter in my case. The thought of having to deal with an office and employees makes me wanna crawl into a hole and never come out. Maybe you can relate? If you’re not a fan of the traditional real estate game, virtual real estate might be your jam. After a quick rant, I’ll spill the beans. Tap below.

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