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Triple Sync Logic Review (Todd Rampe)


Todd Rampe is the founder of Wealth Builders Institute and Triple Sync Logic, where he teaches “zero guesswork trading.” Specifically, how to make money trading stocks from home, for a long time to come, without risking more than a hundred and fifty bucks per trade, without complicated charts or indicators, and trading just five stocks. In less than two hours a day, you can win three-fourths of your trades by pinpointing the exact second a stock’s about to change direction. Read on for my Wealth Builders Institute review.

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“Now I do this with what I call my eight hundred dollar morning routine,” Todd says. “I’ve been trading this way for twenty years, using my Triple Sync Logic strategy. It works by exploiting market reversals. That’s when professional traders change the price direction of a stock for what appears to be no apparent reason. So how do you spot them, right? By using a tool I developed called the Triple Sync Logic Software. It takes the guesswork out of capitalizing on these market reversals.”

“It tells you exactly when you should buy, right before the market reverses, and it’s as easy as following the trail that Wall Street big shots have already blazed for you. No need for ten different indicators or fancy charts. So, what does it consist of? All you gotta do is use my software and watch for green buy indicators or red sell indicators. And we’ll be trading stock options, which opens up leverage, so you can realize bigger gains without risking much money.”

Most trading educators give you basic stock trading 101 type of information and tell you to keep on trying and keep on buying. Nothing wrong with that, but why buy a course that merely summarizes the info you could get for free on YouTube? If there’s nothing proprietary about the guru’s system, nothing that’ll give you an edge, why not just save your money? Plus, who wants to sit through dozens and dozens of videos only to suffer from analysis paralysis?

Wealth Builders Institute

Also, Todd warns, watch out for so-called systems that are based purely on someone’s subjective point of view. No matter how smart they are or how long they’ve been trading, they’re still gonna get it wrong from time to time. Another consideration? Will what they’re teaching even work in all three major market conditions: cycling, trending, and sideways action? Most of the time, no, it won’t. And that makes believing in what you’re doing extremely difficult.

“What traders need is a system that keeps it simple and has clear rules that you can follow,” Todd says. “A system that you can put into use quickly and easily regardless of previous experience. What you don’t need is access to live trade rooms or alert services. They can be hard to follow. The position sizing might not make sense. Or the trade can move too fast so that, by the time you get in, it’s gone, it’s already too late. Another disadvantage of trading rooms and alerts is that you become dependent on them.”

So, Todd wants to know, would you rather take the long-winded route and probably end up losing your hard-earned money? Or would you rather copy the exact path he and his members have taken to make consistent profits no matter what the market’s doing? Assuming it’s the latter, book a demo call with the Wealth Builders Institute team to learn more about their Triple Sync Logic Software and three etched-in-stone rules that one member, Robert, used to turn five grand into fifty-five grand in his first ninety days.

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