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Michelle Rankin Review (Workshop Replay)

Micki Rankin

Michelle Rankin was searching for a unique way to make more money. She didn’t want to bug family and friends. Eventually she came across a training that taught exactly that. How to find and review prebuilt marketing systems to earn sales from strangers who want and need these solutions. One hundred percent online. Reputable. An amazing way to help people while earning a little extra for yourself. Michelle is now living the life of her dreams. Want to find out more about what she’s doing? Scroll down for my review.

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When you go to Michelle Family dot com and sign up for the training, you can watch the workshop replay. There are a number of individuals and couples on there, sharing their stories. They were struggling, down on their luck, bumped into this program, and it changed their lives. The program has been around for years. It’s proven. Built by experts. There’s a community of mentors helping thousands of people crack into the online space.

After one gal does the introduction, she passes it over to a woman named Shelly who gives the business overview. The first ten minutes or so are almost unbearable because the audio is echoing. This is a plug and play system, a lot like a franchise. No prior skills or experience necessary. Everything you need is included. Products, tools, systems, sales processes, coaching, support. Designed to help the everyday person succeed.

If you want more time to spend with your family, if you want more money to experience life with, if you want to build a nest egg to secure your retirement, and/or if you want an automated business, this is for you. That said, it’s not an easy button. You won’t become a millionaire by the week’s end. Their system is proven to convert, but you are the only variable. So if you’re willing to learn and put in the effort, no reason it can’t work for you.


It’s built on three pillars. First, find a product people want. They’ve already done this for you, working with a retailer directly. Second, tell people about your product. They’ve handled this too. You can use their online sales funnel to warm people up and get them excited about purchasing. Third, you need to fill that funnel with high quality traffic. Their preferred method is Facebook ads. Makes sense, since that’s how this review for Michelle Rankin started.

Sure, you could try to figure all this out on your own. Or you could save money, time, and stress by tapping into their online system. If you join, you’ll get coaching and mentorship; access to their supportive community; weekly masterminds; social media ad training with step-by-step modules; access to their sleeping giant product mix; a thirty minute one-on-one kickoff call with one of their leaders to ensure you get off on the right foot; and more.

You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Newbie-friendly, frequently updated, cutting-edge methods, powered by social media marketing. The cost to get started is a one time fee of one hundred and forty-nine dollars. I have some questions. Are there upsells? If so, how many and at what cost? Is this still considered multilevel marketing? Or more like affiliate marketing? Do I get access to Michelle, specifically? Will it get saturated if I join and then run the same basic ads as Michelle?

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