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Rasheba McGowan Reviews (Boss Up In Travel)

LadyBoss McGowan

Rasheba “LadyBoss” McGowan wants to know if you’ve ever wondered: Who are those people traveling every weekend? Every summer? Even random non-holiday weeks all throughout the year?

And they’re taking their friends, family, loved ones – creating nonstop memories together – but how?

“They’re getting to live their best life, aren’t they?” Rasheba says in her overview video, dressed to impressed and dripping in fabulousness. “Those individual are getting to eat lunch with their kids in the middle of the day, right? Are they requesting time off or what?” 

“That was me,” she continues. “I was looking at those particular people – you know, the ones with ripped jeans, driving $200,000 sports cars. And I was looking at the women that were wearing those $1,000 shoes with the red on the bottoms – in the city. Again, living life.”

It drove Rasheba nuts. She wasn’t jealous. But like, what could they possibly know that she didn’t?

Today Rasheba knows the answer. It comes down to one word: leverage. Working smarter and not harder. Owning a business instead of being owned by a job.

Alright, but what’s that gotta do with the $8 trillion dollar travel industry?

Well, why not be the person that’s getting a commission whenever that flight or that car rental or that hotel stay’s being booked, Rasheba asks.

Because, guess what? Every time any one of those things happens, someone’s getting paid. It’s either the booking website or a travel agent. And what she wants to show you is how to put your bank account directly in the way of those transactions. Right? No different than what Amazon FBA sellers are doing – wedging themselves between all those shoppers and the products they’re gonna buy regardless over on Amazon.com.

Rasheba earns an extra six-figures doing this in the travel space. And before you say you’re too busy to join her, check it out: Rasheba’s a wife, a mother, she’s still got her full-time job, she coaches cheer for a major university, her daughter does competitive cheer – so they’re always traveling for that.

And it hasn’t stopped her. So what was your excuse? Exactly.

Boss Up in Travel Framework

“So I’m so excited that you’re interested in bossing up in the travel industry,” Rasheba continues, now that she basically tossed your one and only objection into the wood chipper. “We are encouraging people to get their own business, to have their own dot com.”

“And not just any business, but a business that can expand beyond your city, beyond your state. Even beyond your country.”

“I hope you’re really dreaming big because when I saw this opportunity, over seven years ago, I said to myself, ‘What? Why did I not know about this before I spent thousands of dollars on that college education?’ Right? So this is something that can make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – a business that works whether you are there or not,” Rasheba pitches.

But don’t worry, just like her, you can keep your linear (9-to-5) income; and just sprinkle the passive income on top.

This is a turnkey business. You’re gonna get a website, a booking engine. You’re gonna have all the tools you need to be successful: your travel portal, your virtual back office, your training, business cards, the whole can of Pringles.

You’ll get paid 70% commission, apparently, whenever anyone books something through you. And yet, somehow you can “guarantee your clients the best travel price.”

I’m stumped on that one. If it’s possible to pay you a whopping 70% cut of the total deal, wouldn’t that suggest these folks are getting gouged pretty bad?

Also, the more Rasheba talks, the more I feel like this might be an MLM. Which, if it is, I wouldn’t touch even with a hazmat suit.

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