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Rasmus Mikkelsen Review (Publishing Life)


Rasmus Mikkelsen usually leaves the YouTube ads to his twin, Christian. But not today. He stepped up and cut his own promo for their Audiobook Income Academy course. So who’s the better pitchman: him or Christian? Are there any inconsistencies between their ads? What do I think about their business model and how they market it? Why do some people call them scam artists? I’ll answer all that and more below. Scroll down for my Publishing Life review.

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The ad begins. Rasmus Mikkelsen is sitting in what appears to be a dark home office. An AIA plaque can be seen in the background. His beard has been carefully lined up. He means business. “Selling physical products is not the best way of making money on Amazon in 2021,” he says. “Now yes, that model does work. But. My twin brother Christian and I, we’ve discovered a new and improved way of using Amazon to make money.”

“Which, for one, does not have all the startup costs of buying inventory to sell physical products. Because, well, this model does not have inventory,” he continues. “Two, this is something that you set up once that then pays you for years and years, even if you don’t do anything with it. Also known as passive income. Which, selling physical products is absolutely not passive income.”

“And number three, this is a brand new untapped Amazon opportunity that almost no one knows about. Therefore, there’s almost no competition. And the results people are getting with this new Amazon business model are honestly mind-blowing.” He then shares a quick story about one of their AIA members, Patrick. He used to live in Colombia and could hardly afford to put food on the table. Then he bumped into the Mikkelsen twins online.

Mikkelsen Twins Bali

They taught him how to hire other people to create audiobooks, list them on Audible (which is owned by Amazon), and earn money whenever a copy was sold. In the first month, assuming Rasmus is telling the truth, Patrick made ninety-one thousand seven hundred and thirty-one dollars. Profit. Sent directly to his bank account. Incredible, but I would like to hear how Patrick came up with the five-to-ten-Gs he would have needed to enroll in AIA and launch his ghostwritten audiobook business. Wouldn’t you?

From there, Rasmus transitions to his call to action: “If you’d like to learn about this new Amazon model, I’ve put together a super short free training that you can attend where I’m going to be revealing everything about how the model works and how you can start using it today to start making money for yourself.” He reminds you that Patrick was once in your shoes, but when he saw their ad, he clicked, attended the training, and took action.

Okay. Decent ad. Very similar to the ones Christian did; although I think Christian is much smoother in his delivery. As I’ve said before, I like the twins but not their model. I do not believe you can outsource your way to a high quality audiobook. So you end up selling a product that is second-rate. Will your customers be happy with their purchase? If not, can you feel good about the money you’re making? As far as the scam accusations, that just comes with the territory. You run enough YouTube ads and Reddit is going to call you a scammer.

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