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Commercial Multifamily Matrix Review (Rasool CRE)

Rasool CRE

Rasool Mutawakkil’s looking more put-together than a 1,000-piece puzzle. He escaped the rat race by investing in real estate. His first purchase? A duplex in Miami. He and his wife were extremely proud. They poured all their extra time, money, and energy into that house. Problem was, every time they fixed one thing in that place, two more things would break. They ended up in this cycle – week after week, month after month – where they were slaves not only to their jobs but now this single family property as well.

“And ultimately,” Rasool says, “it was really only cash flowing maybe $300 a month. So, along my path, I stumbled across a mentor. I told him about what I was doing in real estate, and he just looked at me like, ‘Why aren’t you doing apartment buildings?’ And it blew my mind. I was like, ‘There’s no way. I’m struggling with just these two units. How am I possibly gonna take care of 20, 50, or even 100 units?’ And, what I learned, was that the bigger that you go in multifamily, the easier it gets.”

“You can grow your portfolio while doing less work,” he adds. “And then the thing that really blew my mind was that I didn’t need any of my own cash, I didn’t need any good credit to be able to do this, and I also didn’t need any experience to be involved in commercial multifamily. And what ended up happening is, after I did my very first apartment deal, I stumbled upon a secret that I was able to utilize that let me grow my portfolio even faster, in a short period of time.”

In under two years, Rasool ballooned his multifamily investment portfolio to a jaw-dropping $300 million. (Real estate gurus, am I right? But, seriously, what does that figure even represent? How much of that pie-in-the-sky equity is actually yours, Rasool? And, the million-dollar question: what’s your personal monthly cut from all that? That’s what truly counts.) Wow, look at me, simmering like a pot of pasta sauce – over nothing. My bad, you guys. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Rasool’s credentials.

Commercial Multifamily Matrix

Rasool’s rocking 2,546 doors and swears he works less than when he and honey bunny had that awful single-family. Would you like him to give you the game? He’s got this new program: The Commercial Multifamily Matrix. It’ll take you from worker bee to real estate G, schooling you on the ins and outs of residential and commercial multifamily investing – and why CRE is where it’s at. You’ll also master deal analysis and spot prime markets to strike, because not all for-sale properties are winners.

And the cherry on top: Rasool shows you how to build an A-team, multiplying your deal-making prowess without missing out on precious family time. Whether you’re a complete novice or feel burdened with another job by focusing on wholesales, flips, and single-family rentals, Rasool would be just thrilled to bits to welcome you to his mentorship program. What’s the price tag? Annoyingly, he doesn’t say. It’s one of those “book a call to find out” funnels, which typically implies a hefty cost.

Could it be worth it? Quite possibly. However, since his course is just taking off, there’s no testimonials or third-party reviews yet, which kinda leaves it up in the air. Alternatively, you could just type words on humble little websites like yours truly – turning them into virtual cash cows, raking in thousands monthly. That way, you don’t have to become this suit-wearing, house-leaving, money-raising, always-networking businessperson as if you’re the CEO of seriousness or something. Unlock all the juicy details by gently caressing that button below.

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