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Christopher Duncan Reviews: Dude Can’t Be Serious


Christopher M Duncan says you probably don’t know it but you have divine power within you. The You’re Not Broken author can teach you how to connect to your superconscious and create a life you love. “In this industry, I’ve seen so many self-help books come and go,” Chris says. “So many courses on how to be rich, successful, happy. You name it, it’s there. And who wouldn’t want all that in their life? However, there’s one big problem: they all miss one thing.”

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“And that one thing,” Chris continues, “is they’ve missed structure. When you learn how to structure your life, you learn how to create with ease. If you’re in the wrong structure, you simply build an identity that goes against what it is you’re trying to create. See, if you walk in to try and heal or fix yourself, there’s a silent instruction given to your identity that says in order to achieve you must heal and fix yourself, and that is the number one problem.” His new five day challenge can help with that.

During those five days, Chris’ll show you how to connect to your superconscious so you can let go of your limiting self-conscious identity and create. Instead of problem solving, you need to be creating. That’s because, for most people, trying to trick yourself that you’re something other than what you are, by using incantations or silly meditations? Just doesn’t work. Heck, it can’t work. It’s creating two separate identities: the one that knows you’re not it and the one pretending you are.

Once you learn to let this go, and connect to your superconscious? The change can be marvelous. For Christoper, specifically, he built a twenty million dollar company within three years. He’s helped people regain their eyesight who were legally blind (wait, what?). Medical conditions have up and left people’s bodies (okay this just got weird, Chris). He claims he’s got email proof of his mentees making more money than they ever thought possible, healing relationships, losing weight, everything.

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So yeah, you’re not broken. There’s nothing you need to fix about yourself. All you gotta do is learn how to connect to your superconscious. “The superconscious transformation method is the last thing you need to know if you wanna have more success, more wealth, more happiness than you could ever imagine. And this five day challenge is free. This isn’t something I’ve made up. For the last four years I’ve been helping and transforming and teaching others this exact method.”

Something to do with ancient Hermetic principles, cutting-edge neuroscience, and a simple fifteen-minute-a-day process Chris was taught by a billionaire. “This is a big deal and I can’t wait to see you there,” he says. “If you wanna join, then it’s up to you. Click the link below and you can come and experience the superconscious transformation method that has taken the world by storm. You’re not broken. You don’t need to fix yourself. And when you learn this missing link, everything will change.”

If you’re someone who’s driven, who refuses to give up on your goals, this is must-attend, Chris says. ‘Cause what if it’s the one thing that makes all the difference? What if it tips you into that manifesting powerhouse that you are? Wow. I’m dying to know if Chris even believes a word that comes out of his mouth. Seems like he just talks in circles and hopes, by telling you you’re not broken a bunch of times, you’ll let your guard down and buy his next course. As for the curing blindness and diabetes? I can’t.

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